Wednesday, July 21, 2010

M Is for Memories

Memories are a tricky thing. Triggered by pictures, smells, tastes, sounds.
Our trip up north this last weekend was full of memories. And only the memory card on my phone to record it all.

Will you remember how many times I forced you outside to play?
Or will you remember dancing in the rain, catching Slytherin the snake, and setting watermelon-rind chipmunk traps?

Will you remember all the snacks you were refused?
Or will you remember riding our bikes to the ice cream cart and Evie eating her first cone, minus any ice cream?

Will you remember fighting over whose turn it was to sleep on the floor?
Or will you remember playing “Hobo-Bobo-Bobo”—jumping from bed to bed with pillows piled high?

Will you remember the whining and complaining about nothing to do?
Or will you remember the scavenger hunt to find things to fill our painted shadow boxes?

Will you remember crying while Mom forced you to ride your bike uphill?
Or will you remember stopping to find “veggie treat” grass or “wishes,” blowing their helicopter seeds across the open field?

Will you remember giant mosquitoes and their annoying bites?
Or will you remember learning to recognize stinging nettle, wading in the river, and Lily pulling her shoe out of the mucky riverbed?

Will you remember the movies I refused to let you watch?
Or will you remember the hours spent shouting, “Expelliarmous” and “Eat slugs” with your wilderness wands?

Will you remember your anger at my proposition that we write letters to your siblings?
Or will you remember riding our bikes to the post office, meeting Lilli the postmaster, and getting google-eyed stickers?

Will you remember the slightly under-equipped cabin?
Or will you remember the joy from your first shower?

Will you remember all the times you thought about your friends?
Or will you remember all the time we had together, playing endless rounds of Blink, Connect 4, and Mancala?

Will you remember the lack of toys and books?
Or will you remember how your best toys are your siblings and your imagination?

Will you remember the whining, crying, arguing, fighting, pouting?
Or will you remember the laughter and joy and happiness?

So will I.

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Jenny Matlock
And please excuse my lack of comments on all of your blogs the last two weeks. I plan to rectify that . . . soon. Brad and I are off for a long weekend. Back Sunday night.


  1. Simply beautiful. I love how you used the photos and asked those questions. Absolutely the best stuff.

  2. Choosing what to remember is such a great lesson!
    Sounds like you had a lot of great memories to choose from.
    Enjoy the day and your long weekend!

  3. I loved this, Jen. So beautifully written and poignant.



  4. Great photos, even from a phone! Aren't we blessed to always have a camera at the ready (as long as we remember our phones?)

    Love the way you wrote this post, and love all the fun you had. Smart mom to plan to make memories and bring the games, paint, and fun in the making!

    PS-Can't believe you are missing my lesson AGAIN! Where is my moral support?????

  5. Great M for memories post of a beautiful family...blessings..bkm

  6. Love this! Greer is magic. And they're only gonna remember the absolute blast they had.

  7. Just lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend - the second half of a great holiday.

  8. What a sweet memoir of your precious time. It was well worth my time to read!

  9. Beautifully poetic post about love, the perception of time, memory and family-life.

    You have lots of wonderful family memories to choose from. Savour the good ones and remember the less perfect ones with a bit of humour.

    Have a great weekend! You are always welcome to visit, whenever you get the time.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's little musician

    I hope my post loads quicker than the last time. Let me know if it is still slow.

  10. Great images and text - so reflective & poignant!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  11. Such a beautiful post Jen...I really enjoyed it.

    Have a great weekend with your husband!

  12. Love how you wrote this. Will you remember? Creative for sure!
    Sounds and looks like a great time!

  13. I love these photos and memories. What a great vacay!

  14. Lovely post! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL...

  15. Wait... your kids complain, too?

    Greer looks gorgeous! And I am impressed that you brought all of that paint!

  16. It's funny/strange what kids remember from when they were little. I think they remember though mostly the time that was spent with them. Great post.

  17. I wish I could jump inside those pictures. Really. I wish someone I knew had a house and land like that so I could go visit them.

  18. What a beautiful message. Thank you.

  19. That sounds like my kind of trip- the pics were great- even from a phone camera. And I love that you chose to remember the good stuff.

  20. they will totally remember all the awesome times...

    i can't remember one fight or complaint as a little girl on vacations (i'm sure my mom remembers) all i can remember are all the cool places i can't wait to take my kids one day too!

    fun times you had....thanks for sharing!

  21. Beautiful post. I often think about what my daughter will remember. She may not remember everything yet, but I do think she remembers the fun!

  22. great photos...great post...I wonder if my kids will remember me constantly telling them to GO OUTSIDE! I remember mine telling me...

  23. Great post! I love these thoughts you have put with your pictures.

  24. sounds fun! Weird to see just your little ones! But they are adorable and make me smile always!Life's transitions are good but different!

  25. I loved it. They'll probably remember a little of both. At least that's been my experience.

  26. Such cuties! I love this post, beautifully put together. I hope you scrapbook it for your kids. I know they will cherish it when they get older. Kat

  27. Great post. It's always the good stuff we remember. Even the not so great things are remembered as being hilarious. Have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie - you deserve some alone time!

  28. well that was just perfect! and those shadow boxes are such a great idea!!

  29. What wonderful memories those are!

  30. Once I got past my envy of water and the kids looking like they didn't have heat stroke, I settled down and read this post.

    What an asolutely beautiful blend of words, poignant thoughts, and photos to add richness and depth to our Alphabet Soup.

    This was an amazing post.

    I hope your weekend away is wonderful!

    Thank you for linking!


  31. You truly are making delicious memories there. :)

  32. Beautiful post. I smiled all the way through.

  33. LOVE the way you wrote this - what a great lesson! WELCOME HOME!!

  34. Such a sweet post! LOVE the pics of the kids in the rain.

    We missed your posts while you were gone. i hope you and your husband have a wonderful time together.

  35. Absolutely lovely, Jen.
    It really is the little things--the simple things that matter.
    ::wiping happy tears::

  36. Such beautiful memories....I'm sure they will remember, and cherish all the great ones!

  37. Jen, beautiful post. Your kids will remember you as the best mom. They are blesssed to have you.

  38. Great memories :) I hope that they also remember all the good times and not the bad ones!