Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Creativity's Been Zapped

113 on my car's thermometer today.

Something about that temp just zaps me.

I get crabby (and not from sugar).
I get tired (and not from sugar).
I get disorganized.
I get slouchy, grouchy, lazy, crazy.

And all my blogging creativity is gone. No ideas. Nothing original. All creative thought absorbed by the sweating QT cup and the blazing pavement.

Dash from the house to the car.  Run the hot A/C till it cools down. Run from the car to the store. Exit the store to the blast of hair-dryer-hot air outside. Blast the hot A/C again. Run into the house and jump into the pool. Quick!  And the pool water is definitely approaching bath water temperature--not very satisfying, to be sure.

Ever since we got back from vacation I've lacked motivation and drive. I'm hoping it will come back at some future time, but it hasn't happened yet.

And remember Pam's challenge of a good picture, just of you?
This is as close as I've gotten, and it fails in two respects:
1. Definitely NOT a good picture.
2. I'm nursing the baby at the park in Rexburg.

That's about as alone as I get these days.

Hang on, friends. The monsoon season is supposed to be just around the corner. (But they keep saying that, don't they?)

Linking up to Z at  Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. I know she'll commiserate with me on this heat.

Jenny Matlock


  1. We had one blessed day today of 79 degrees. The next few days will be in the 90's, so I made sure that I enjoyed the weather today.

  2. Not that hot here, but the humidity was horrific. I can't sleep. I'll be heading to the basement shortly. I'm with you...nooo energy, no original thoughts. Yuck.
    The picture....I think it's great. I don't have any of me nursing 3 of my kids...

  3. OH man, I feel your pain. My dad called me at 9 pm last night and his car was registering 106*F and there I was sitting on my front porch watching the leaves flutter in the wind.

    But then come February that tables will have turned... big time. Why can't school be Jan-May so we can go to school in AZ and then live in UT the rest of the year?!

  4. "the" tables, not THAT tables will have turned. Sheesh, self-edit much?

  5. That picture was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that one. But hey, at least it was cool in Rexburg.

    We pretty much don't leave the house EVER! My poor kids may have forgotten what the outside looks like at this point.

    Finally, hope you're not TOO disappointed in me and my "heathen" ways as a wee child. I grew up ok though.

  6. lol, i know how you feel.
    zapped is the perfect word for it.
    that's exactly how i felt ALL last week.
    so that would've been porter park in rexburg, right? great little park. i miss it. along with the splash park for the kids & the carousel for me! (well and the kids, but i'm a perma-fan of carousels) we used to spend a lot of time both there & at smith park. oodles of sundays playing & taking pictures...even monday nights were there for FHE lesson & then more playing. those were the days! =)

  7. Yeah, summer's awful when you have those kind of temps. Getting in the car is the worst! It takes forever for it to cool down. I hope you get your energy back soon!

  8. Oh you poor soul! I don't blame you for not having the energy or even be in the mood to do anything! 113! Wow! At least it's not humid too, right? Because that would make it even more miserable...

    How's little Evie holding up in this heat? Hope you guys get a relief from that horrible heat soon!

  9. I can just about remember 113 from my one memorable year in Oklahoma City. You get BIG sympathy from me. I hope some cool weather or at least a cool breeze heads your way soon. I can't imagine doing all that you do in the heat - you're amazing.

  10. Amen to the zapped. The heat is taking it's toll on us all. I was surprised when K said you were on your way to Target in the peak of the heat! Only crazy or desperate people do that, here. I know because I was embarking of errands of my own... crazy and desperate!

  11. JDaniel would love to drive a backhoe. He sat and pretended to drive one at a Touch a Truck event.

    It is really hot here too. Thank goodness for ceiling fans.

    I love the picture. The little hand sticking out is priceless.

  12. Zapped is a great description of how I feel in the heat! We had temps of 106 last week, blessedly cooler this week~ wishing you cooler temps :-)

  13. Zounds! Our heatwave finally broke and what a relief. I hope the monsoons finally come and go so you can get back to a more normal 103.

  14. I think we've all been feeling zapped ...and it's only early summer!

  15. I actually thought it was a great picture!

  16. Super ‘Z’ post – it's been so hot here in Spain too - in the 90's!

    It’s been great fun reading great posts like yours over the past 26 weeks!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  17. oh jen - pleeeease enjoy the early mornings -before it gets too hot- at least for me....we are apparently in summer here- our summer hols start next wed- and i am still hoping to get back above 20 deg as i said...just enjoy the warm evenings for me....
    melissa x

  18. that's hot. and love the picture of you!

  19. I know what you mean, I am not a fan of the heat! It's hard to want to go anywhere or do anything in this heat!

  20. Zapped it the perfect word for busy moms....good post..bkm

  21. Fall is coming...I think, I think, I think! The heat is oppressive, you are right. It just slows you down - brain and body.

  22. I'm crabbing about the low 90's, I couldn't even imagine what I'd be doing if we were at 113, yikes!!. The way this year is flying by before you know it, fall will be here. Hang in there ;-)

  23. Way too hot for sure!!! Sweet picture. And you thought you had nothing to blog about. Look at all those comments!

  24. I lost all blogging motivation while I was pregnant, so I know the feeling! My a/c was out for 3 days, so I know what you mean about the heat!

  25. The heat zaps everything out of me. I feel your pain. Yikes, plus a warm baby snuggling up to you in the heat of the sun. I'm wishing a cool breeze your way.

  26. I guess the one great blessing is that it's not humid in AZ! Otherwise you'd all have boiled like lobsters by now. (But you'd have very dewy, tender skin.)

  27. I lose my entire life force in heat like that.

    (In fact, I lose it about 10 degrees earlier than you do!)


  28. It's 90 here, no idea what the heat index is. I tried to work outside. 30 minutes, come in jump in the shower to cool off, one show, and then repeat. UCH! didn't get much done to say the least. Have a great day. Debbie

  29. Not in the 100's here...but the humidity is what is "zapping" us!
    Realized yesterday we never even went outside once!
    Come on Fall......
    Enjoy the day

  30. I'm glad we have yet to hit 100, but apparently tomorrow will remedy that for us, and I'll want to take naps in the middle of the afternoon and be excessively lazy.

  31. I know how you feel. 113! Wow, that would just zap all the energy out of me, too. Hang in there. Your blog and your family pics look beautiful, though. Blessings!

  32. i could not survive in that heat ... i'm sure cooler days are ahead.

  33. We weren't up to 113 today...but we did have about 92% humidity with our 93 degrees. When you mix those two things together it is awful!!

    The heat is not my friend and humidity and I are even less friendly.

    I can't wait for winter!

  34. Tracie sounds like me. The heat and humidity are miserable. This time of year I live for October. But 113 (is that what you said?) sounds horrible. My grandfather used to say, "It's so hot you can fry and egg on the sidewalk." I've always wanted to try. This is why God gave us air conditioning.

  35. I can definitely relate. The heat zaps all energy. Thank goodness that we can retreat to the comfort of AC. ~ Sarah

  36. Oh girl, I feel your pain.

    It is soooo old and it is only July. I keep saying 8 more weeks, 8 more weeks and it's not helping because I know I'm totally lying to myself!

    Sometimes I think it's worse when you leave the heat and come back to it.

    I'm glad you got a temporary reprieve anyway.

    Cute picture. I smiled at your "alone-ness!"

    Thanks for this toasty stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Z"!

    Sending you a cool A+ - hope it helps a teensy bit!

  37. July 19th, 2010

    Dear Jen,
    Hope you all get some cooler weather! 'Zapped' is an excellent Z-word!
    What a beautiful family you have. You must be very happy.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my Z-post and blog. I am always grateful to bloggers who see things that can be improved on my blog. Thank you for telling me that it took 90 seconds for my blog to load down. For some unknowned reason I still had the setting 'three posts on the forst page', which makes it very 'heavy'. I have changed that to just 'one post on the first page. I have also been rather brutal with my sidebars and removed links and moved lots of badges to separate pages. But I still have a lot left tht I might have to get rid of.

    Another problem may be that I have used too many pictures to illustrate my Z-post; and too many with a large number of pixels, even though I try to reduce in them in a picture-program before using them on a post.

    I think it loads a little faster now, but it still may be too slow.

    I would appriciate it if you could make a return visit to my Z-post when you get the time, ses how long it takes to load. No hurry, do it when you have the time. I have nursed two children, so I can imagine that you don't have much free time.

    I do really want you to come back and visit as, I am planning to do the 'Alphabet-soup', The Rainbow as well as the new round of 'Alphabe-Thursday' after that.

    Best wishes,

    Anna's Z-words

  38. I like that photo! It's sweet. :)

    I'm with you on the heat. I turn into a Paige-shaped monster when it's more than 75 degrees. AZ = not for me. My remedy for my weather woes was to move across the ocean and up several lines of latitude. Guess that's not going to help you, huh?

    PS: Havent' been to a QT since I was in Phoenix.

  39. It's been over 100 here. But I know AZ heat and it hasn't been that bad...but it has been in times past. Try and keep cool.

    Alone? What is alone? I only have three kids and I am not sure I will ever be alone.