Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And So It Begins Again

First day of school--2010-11
Why I love this day so much: No one sleeps in.  No one complains.  Everyone showers, practices, eats, prepares.  It's like Christmas morning!

Ben--age 14, ninth grade
5'9 1/2" 145 lb.
Favorite TV show: American Idol
Favorite movie: Avatar
Favorite food: Anything that fills me up
Favorite thing to do: Wrestling
Accessory of choice: New specs and a TI-89 calculator

Lily Jane--age 10, fifth grade
4' 5 1/2" 60.5 lb.
Favorite TV show: Survivor
Favorite movie: Ramona and Beezus
Favorite food: Crepes
Favorite thing to do: Swim, rock climb, bowl
Accessory of choice: Anything butterfly

Micah--age 6, first grade
3'10" 42.5 lb.
Favorite TV show: Superhero Squad
Favorite movie: Harry Potter 3
Favorite food: Chocolate-covered oreos
Favorite thing to do: Shaving cream fight
Accessory of choice:  Goofy grin

Hyrum--age 3
3'1" 30 lb.
Favorite TV show: Superhero Squad
Favorite movie: Harry Potter 3
Favorite food: Chocolate-covered oreos
Favorite thing to do: read
Accessory of choice: any wand-size stick

New shoes all the way around. Dad's are a little unusual, no?
Off they go to new adventures and learning.

So many changes this year:

Can you believe the difference?

As for me? Back to my beloved routines. I love the first day of school!



  1. There's still nearly a month to go before that day up here.
    Your photos are so sweet - they take me back to so many of those at-the-front-door-in-new-clothes shots of my kids' first days of school. Enjoy your return to routine - what a summer you had!

  2. Wow! School has started for you guys already? When does the summer begin for you? We still have about 3 weeks until the first day of school.

  3. Wow, Ben. What a stud!!! Can't wait to see you guys in 2 days! :)

  4. I love the first day too, although with teenagers it is bittersweet. Summer is lazy and not stressful with older kids.

  5. i can't believe school's started for them already! our teachers are just now going in for meetings and whatnot. (can't believe that either). i remember the days when students had the whole month of august to play.

    i LOVE the star wars tee-shirts! love the post. cute and clever how you've chronicled their first day.

  6. I love the first day of school. And I still don't understand those barefoot shoe-things. I'm sure they are great... at least I hope they are.

  7. LOVE IT! do you mind if i steal the idea for when mine start in a few weeks!

    routine...awww music to my ears!

  8. Star Wars...yeah! Love the new shoes and the toe shoes and the no shoes.
    I love the question and answers...I may have to copy!
    Congrats on being back in the routine...hope it feels good!
    My kids seem ready..they are bored!
    I know I am ready!

  9. First day of school! Hurray!! And you've got one of the cutest crews ever...


    PS. One of my son's buddies has those funny shoes. He loves 'em!

  10. Ahhh, yes. Great job on the pix... mine got away at 3 different times with no camera in sight. Dang. The routine begins here, too. Hooray!

    ps. The vibrams are on my wish list for my b-day. I have never had a wish list before, but started one several months ago when I first saw them :)

  11. Wow Jenny, what a gorgeous family. I myself am having a hard day. Sent our oldest to K this morning. HE is great! Couldn't be happier. Me, a mess. Crying, driving to the edge of the playground to watch him at lunch recess mess. Sending loves to your kiddos.

  12. Not sure if I love the first day of school, but it's here ready or not.
    SURVIVOR! Way to go Lily Jane....Survivor rocks.
    Now wait a minute...what in the world is that big, foot thing in the photo with all the different feet? I'm intrigued.

  13. oh my gosh, do you scrapbook??? These gorgeous photos and stats would make amazing pages!!! and Lily Jane rocks ... butterflies are uber cool!!! up here we still have about 3 weeks till the first day of school.

  14. There is just something so great about the first day of school - the newness of a new year and a new routine. I don't know but it is great. Ours is still a few weeks away.
    Those shoes of your husbands are so cool - I just saw those for the first time in a store the other day - they look so comfy and, of course, they are very unique!

  15. Happy First Day!!!
    Love the photos and bio info!!
    Like a few others ...I may have to borrow that idea!!:)
    Enjoy your routines!!!

  16. NOOOOO! Steve is just starting his vacation! We don't go back until the first of Sept...I'm sure I'll be ready by then...right? Love the captions with each kid!! Hope you did something fun today!

  17. Love with a capital L LOVE the shoe picture, it is awesome. Fun that Brad got the feet shoes. I can't wait to hear what he thinnks of them.

    Ok fine, love the whole post and all the pics. I was thinking what a difference this years picture was to last years. It feels a little wierd adn empty without Tuck. But, Ben is looking quite studly.

    Will call you tonight.

  18. I miss those days. My youngest graduated high school last year and is headed off to college. Not sure how I am going to deal with being a semi empty nester. They grew up too doggone quick!

    You have such an amazing family. They all seem to have such vibrant personalities. I love how you chronicled the first day of school.

    ~ Tracy

  19. Fun idea Jenny! My most favorite part is the way Lily's leg is decorated-who was the artist? Super funny. I also love the foot/shoe picture & am a little weirded out by Brad's shoes. I am a little out of touch, I've never seen those.

  20. Oh Jen, what an exciting time! We start school here in KC next week. The kids are excited, especially the teens...they get to see their friends. (Apparently hangin' with just the family all summer is NOT the most sought out activity...)

    Have fun getting back to your routine!

  21. wow!!! back so early!!! so exciting!! love the shoe shot...i heard those funny shoes are great!!!

  22. Good lookin' bunch, Jen! I love the first day of school - so much excitement and anticipation - mixed with a little fear of the unknown.

  23. I can't believe it's already time for back to school again! Wow, your kids really have changed so much between the first and the last photo! They all look great for their first day back though! The photo of them walking off to school...that's a lot of stuff they have to bring! I don't even remember having to take that many things when I was that age. Poor kids!

    Oh, btw, I haven't been reading your blog for very long but I'm pretty sure that Ben's holding an Asian kid in that last photo... right?

  24. I thought we were the only ones with those crazy toe son has 2 pair and I can't get him to wear anything else. He says they are so comfortable. Looks like monkey feet to me!

  25. I love the stats you give on each them. Wish I had thought of that! The first day of school was hard for me this year. I was all set to start my son in preschool (head start program) only to be told he was too old and needed to be enrolled in Kindergarten. I was in a state of shock as rushed him through vaccinations and registrations all in time to get him ready for the first day. He did great and really loves it.