Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Sears Appliance Repair

 Image from Sears' own website.  Find it yourself.  Their people will be unable to help you.

Dear Sears Appliance Repair Customer Help Line:

I hope the venom with which this diatribe is written is translated into cyberspace.

I do not  think you understand why your customers call your help line.


We do NOT call to talk to India or Mexico or China or Timbuktu where anyone with rudimentary broken English is allowed to answer the phone.

We do NOT call to repeat our phone number, address, brand of appliance and current malady 17 times.

We do NOT call to have our issues spelled back to us (short in cooktop starter--S as in Sam, H as in  . . . ). 

We DO want affordable service.

We DO want courteous representatives.

We do NOT want to spend FIFTEEN MINUTES on the phone making a service appointment for which we will have to set aside our ENTIRE day waiting for your repair people.

Who decided this was the most efficient way to make appointments?
Who decided that no manager who speaks English as their first language is available?

I hope they are easier to communicate with than your "Help Line."



  1. Well that SUCKS! I'm sorry for your troubles. Hope you get it fixed in no time. Good grief, there are 5 hungry mouths to feed around there.

  2. too bad you don't live here. this is my dad's specialty! he's been an appliance repairman (and a dang good one) for longer than i've been alive. (:
    to help with the stress though, or help you get through your wasted day of waiting for a repair, go to this link & embed this in your blog or facebook page...hehehehe...i heart penguins!

  3. The frustration is making my computer spark!
    I hope someone at Sears uses google in the morning, and you get a complimentary service call pronto!

  4. Can you see it? I'm giving you a standing ovation! I support you all the way!

  5. I hear your frustration loud and clear sister! Poor customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves. I've worked in many different service industries & I always prided myself on good customer service. I just don't think it's taught anymore! Plus it helps if you and your service rep actually speak the same language.

  6. Oh man! That really stinks! Those are no fun at all. Maybe give Ben the project of diagnosing the problem online and then pick up the part at appliance parts depot (APD) in Tempe. We have saved many headaches and costly repairs that way. Good luck!

  7. Hah! That's funny.

    I used to be a Sears Repair Center... phone answer-er myself. (In Provo)

    The big question is:
    Did they offer you laundry detergent with your repair order?
    I hate to brag, but I was in the "GOLD CLUB" for selling that detergent! :D

  8. Oh, boy, do I hear ya.

    What's happened to Sears, anyway? Their service used to be so great.

    Not any more!

    Not even close.


  9. That's one of my biggest pet peeves: setting aside an entire day waiting for a repair man who may or may not show up. That, and talking to someone who has a hard time navigating the English language. I try to be polite but there comes a point when my VALUABLE TIME is becoming compromised.

  10. Oh yes, I used to work for Sears Home Service (that's what it was called and in Kentucky not India) and it sucked then too. There were two departments, one to make the appointments and another you would be transferred to after you became irate that the service man never showed, where we would do absolutely nothing for you except send an email to the service center telling them you were irate. I am sure that really helped speed things up. I have never had such a stressful job and I worked in both departments. I found out being a customer and working there that the best solution was to open the owner’s manual and figure it out myself. It really isn't that complicated they just want us to believe it is. "On behalf of Sears, I apologize for the inconvenience, but you might as well go back to work cause they ain't commin."

  11. OUCH - Yes! I have dealt with Sears. It seems like customer service isn't what it used to be. Hope you get your stove working soon -It really is so annoying.

  12. OMGosh I have gone through the same thing but with our morgatage company since Taylor Bean and Whitaker went out with have Cenlar and they have not paid our home taxes this year and we call and get INDIA...I have called I know 20 times or more and they say they will pay it but still after months to no avail...I am so sick of this other country in our stuff.

    I feel for you!

  13. Could it be the Kmart influence? How about Lunch for your Bday?

  14. It almost makes you want to just buy a new one. Probably be easier and faster. Too bad it wouldn't be cheaper. Good Luck.
    I guess I shouldn't tell you about the amazing Blondie Brownie I discovered while on holidays. Don't worry I'll blog about it later when you are strong again and near your 1_2.

  15. Boy do I hear you and share your frustration!

  16. Yep - after 6 months of back and forth nonsense Bret was finally able to outdo the Sears guys and fix my broken 1.8 monthh old sears "top of the line #1 rated in consumer reports" broken dishwasher.

  17. Sorry to hear about your broken stove... Sounds like the "wonderful" people at Sears have struck again with their "wonderful" service. I've had friends who have encountered many similar situations too. Makes you wonder why they don't choose to improve the service they provide when so many people complain about them.

  18. Those are the worst! I hate the 'we'll come between 9-5'- so really you'll just come at some point during the day? I don't get it at all

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