Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dentons Do Summer--Female Installment

Summer from my girls' experience:

Heidi saw married life through her rose-colored glasses. Isn't she lucky? And don't you love the way he looks at her?

She also received the disappointing news that she didn't get into the nursing program at BYU-I. I was impressed with how she handled that difficult news--devastated at first, then moved on with style. That's my girl.
She also got a few hours to love on her baby sister.
Speaking of baby sister . . . .

Evie has changed so much this summer. She's changed from infant to baby. She crawls everywhere, pulls herself to standing, eats and eats and eats. And today she managed the stairs. Time to pull out the gates again.
She loves her daddy and her brothers so much.  I cannot imagine my life without her smiley, blue-eyed face greeting me every morning at 5:15.

Lily has really grown up this summer--physically and emotionally. She's already too tall for the skirt she made, and all of her shorts from last year have been dutifully passed on to her ecstatic younger cousin.  And does that girl have a style gene or what?  The red sweats were necessary to ride the horse, but before that it was a skirt and leggings.
My favorite change in her this summer has been her relationship with her baby sister. Since we were gone so much this last month (and so was Ben), she was forced to step up and learn how to take care of Evie. She is expert in diapers, bottles, cereal, and especially carting her around the house.  I love watching Eve lunge for Lily when she walks by--precursor to future days of dress-up and sleep-overs.
She's still my little diva, and I hope that never changes.

I am so blessed to have these amazing girls to call my own.



  1. Girls are such a blessing in a mom's life! I have two and now that they are grown are not only my "little girls" but are my best friends - I love that happens!
    I just realized that with a married daughter you could very well be a Grandma soon and still have a baby - that is pretty cool!
    Your girls are all beautiful!!

  2. It's amazing how all 3 girls look so much alike, even with the wide age ranges! And 5:15? you are a saint.

  3. I love this sweet post, 'cause I love those girls.

    I s'pose we should be excited that Lily has grown so much. She needed a little spurt. Teeny little thing that she is.

    Love Evies beautiful blue eyes. And that hat was adorable too.

    Yes, I do love the way Sam looks at Heidi. That is just so sweet!

    Can't wait to see summer "boys" edition.

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  5. Keep trying'll get in.
    Baby girl is so sweet, she's so dainty.
    I love hand me downs. Some of my kids don't even know "new". I prefere hand me downs when it comes to riding boots. You don't have to break them in.

  6. I am so grateful to be the mother of a girl! Love my boy to pieces, but my daughter has a special place in my heart. Your girls are beautiful, all, and yes, the look your SIL gives your daughter is the sweetest.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter Heidi with us!!!!

  8. There is surely something wonderful about sisters and daughters... one of which I am lacking at the moment. As you know, I now have a gaping hole in my heart and an empty bed at night. No fun at all, but I can't help but enjoy all the adventures I am hearing about already!

  9. I grew up as the only girl with 4 brothers. I ached for a sister.
    Now, I am the mother of 4 daughters (and 3 sons)My girls are a great source of comfort and joy to me.
    I love our sisterhood.
    You have beautiful girls!

  10. Your darling daughters are all in such different stages of life. What a fun thing for you to watch as each new change unfolds.


  11. i know exactly how you feel about ur girls! right before our eyes they are growing into these beautiful (someday) women!

    thanks for sharing!

  12. It's such fun to watch Moms and Daughters. I'm in a home of testosterone; so I live vicariously through others. :)

  13. The one of the three girls is priceless. . .I love how Lily is sitting so close to Heidi. . .

    Do you think our husbands ever looked at us that way?? Its hard to remember! You'll have to share that photo and wisdom with her so she can always remember!

  14. You really ARE blessed.

    I was reading Heidi's blog and decided she is one neat girl...and yes, I LOVE the way he looks at her.

    Evie is the stuff of which baby dreams are made.

    And Lily looks like a girl who's ready for anything.

    (All of them are beautiful, too.)

    What could be better?


  15. What a sweet and adorable post. You have such a beautiful family Jen. As the mother of two boys I love watching the dynamics between mothers and daughters. But I love having boys and I cherish the close relationship we have.

    ~ Tracy

  16. I also love how he's staring at her...young love! and all your girls are so gorgeous...are you guys back to school yet?

  17. You are so blessed, Jen - I love that your girls are so far apart in age because they must have so many lessons to teach one another, how lucky for all 3 of them! They are all BEAUTIFUL!!!

  18. I love seeing growth in my kids! You have such beautiful girls!

  19. How lucky you are to have 3 girls! I always wanted sisters, and so did my daughter. I'm sure it's been a wild ride at times, but like you said - the sleepovers and the dress up! So much fun. Lucky you. And they're all just beautiful.

  20. Your daughters are so gorgeous :) Heidi might not have gotten in to the BYU nursing program but that's probably because there is something bigger planned for her, right? She looks so happy and her husband looks like he loves her so much that it's really sweet :)

    Evie has the most incredible eyes! They are so captivating! It must be so great seeing her with Lily. I really love how your girls get along so well :)

    And Lily is fantastic for being so grown up and stepping in and taking care of Evie like that!

  21. is that shot of your heidi at the carousel????? (another of my fave places!)