Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foto Saturday--Yesterday Continued

So many pictures that I decided to divide them:


. . . And the first great rain of the summer.

Good-bye, summer. It was one to remember.


  1. LOVE Lilly in her cute pink hat riding the horse. Love Lily covered in I don't know what, but so cute.

    Best pic is Hyrum and Evie looking at eachother. Well wait, Rum (or is it Micah) standing in the rain is pretty great too.

    SHOOT, they're all good!

  2. I love the one of your son looking at the baby! So sweet. And the hat picture is amazing. Looks like a grand summer.

  3. they're all fab memories!
    personally i'm attached to all the cowboy hat-ness. =)
    and the shaving cream madness? yeah, total classic. takes me back to my childhood. lol.
    the first great rain....sounds like the title to a story, record, or painting. very epic. totally love it!

  4. oh man, the shaving cream is awesome. My kids would love that.

    Dollar store shaving cream or whatever dad had?

  5. The shaving cream(?) picture- no words. It looks like you interrupted a moment of pure childhood fun, with a little naughty mixed in for good measure.

  6. We still have a few more days to get the shaving cream in...looks so much fun!
    Enjoy the night

  7. What great pictures! Your kids are so exuberant and full of life - and darling to boot!

  8. What great pictures! Your kids are so exuberant and full of life - and darling to boot!

  9. Nice pictures! You do a great job with the camera :) You have a full house this weekend, don't you? I am so happy for you... Enjoy!

  10. The Hyrum and Eve picture is classic.

    Really fun pics!


  11. You're such a good mom to let the kids have all that fun with the (messy) shaving cream!

    I tried to email you but nothing happened when I clicked on your email button. I have the same font size as everyone else....except it looks bigger...weird! I've tried the others suggestions...but nothing worked. I'd love to hear your suggestion!!

    Thanks Jen!

  12. I'd like to know more about that shaving cream party.

  13. What GREAT photo's! My family has voted me the most awful picture taker in the world! haha! And I am!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your SWEET comments!
    Have a pretty day!

  14. Love the summer pics! Wow! Life is just zooming, huh?
    Enjoy the seasons...summer will be right back!