Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amendment--AKA Moms Know Best

I can't tell you how interesting I found this whole experience. I loved reading about your processes, how you found your words and how they each define you. Don't you wish everyone would wear their word around their necks, just so you could know what they're really like?

I've talked with a few of you and discussed your words as well. Wish you could post them for everyone to read.

I was on the phone with Mom, and I asked her what she thought of my word. (First, she asked me if I could guess hers, which I absolutely couldn't, but we both agreed that Dad's is "predictable.") She thought independent was fitting, seeing how I tried to walk out of the bathtub when I was only a few days old--true story! But then she told me the word she would have chosen for me.

It's funny, because I actually wore this word around for a while, thinking it fit, and then changed to independent. But I think Mom's right--aren't moms always right?

The word is

It has a similar connotation to independent, but it's different somehow.

I can do anything I set my mind to, and I have--two marathons, three natural childbirths, four sessions at EFY. I graduated from BYU even after Heidi's traumatic birth and 17 incomplete credits. I taught myself to design and take better photos, just by reading, because I knew I could. People can count on me for physical labor, opinions, anything.

On the negative side, strong implies an attitude of "I can do it, and if I can't, I'm going to make you believe I can." That's truly me. If I'm left out or alone when I desperately want to be included, I can't let anyone see.  I don't want anyone to think I'm incapable or weak. Even when I am. Even when I'm hurting or miserable, I'm fine.

Because I'm strong.
Thanks, Mom.  Love you and your "pleaser" self.
If any of you are still so inclined, we'd all love to read your words. You can either comment here or leave a link on yesterday's post. Thanks again. This has been intriguing.


  1. Aah, that's my word. I've been looking for it for days! Is it rude if I have the same word as you? I, too, thought of independent, plus determined, stubborn, opinionated, persevering etc. But it seemed like they were all either negative or positive, but not both. Strong implies both the good and bad. So I think I have to be a copycat. This was a really interesting exercise. Thanks for the fun!

  2. Your strength has always amazed me. You are strong in body and mind and just being around you can make me feel invigorated. However, I DO like the softer side of you, too, when I get to see it.

  3. I can tell you're strong, but I suspect there's a real tenderness inside that not everyone gets to see. I really did enjoy this exercise. It was a stretch, but stretching is good. And yes - I will let you know when we come to AZ. As a matter of fact we'll be there the last week in September. We're going to Sedona and then to Mesa around Wednesday, I think, to see the kids. We'll see if the timing works out. I'd enjoy meeting you. If not then, I'll be back!

  4. Once I found out you don't like Lake Powell, well, I'm not sure I can comment on your blog anymore...

  5. You are most definitely strong. One of the many numerous things I love about you. My mind is just mush after yesterday's post...I was shocked by how much it took out of me to get that down. So, I'm sorry I didn't make it with this exercise. I have NO idea what my word is, but I've been thinking about it......

  6. See what I mean about mush brain? I wrote "many numerous". Ughhh.

  7. Hmmm... a 2nd word? Maybe I will ask my mom, too! If it had to come from my brain, it would only be the word of the day, like on Sesame. Yesterday I could only think 'tired' but who knows what today's word will be.

  8. Strong definitely seems to fit! I should ask my mom what she would have chosen for me...

    (You may be right on who knows best.)


  9. You are strong..something I need to work witnessed by my dogs today as the tears have flown. You're right, the cast would have helped her cause a bit. She's such an introvert at times, that it's tough for her to know how to express herself when the other kids are caring, or just nosy! :) Yep, I'm off to Starbucks once the banana bread pops out of the oven and my painting is done. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. I have actually written a draft post in response to your challenge...but it took so much thought to find my word that I was very slow in writing, and have yet to press publish. It was a fantastic exercise though, whether or not I ever post my "word."

  11. "Even when I'm hurting or miserable, I'm fine."

    Oh, I can so relate.

  12. I am an avid lurker - have been for a year or so now. This is my first post. I have always wanted to ask you if you have written your birth stories. You mention Heidi's tramatic birth, you have talked about months of bedrest and I know you are a BLM. I would love to read your stories!!

  13. Strong is a word that came to my mind for me as well. But I didn't want to be that. I don't like being strong all the time. But the way you describe it, I can deal with it. I like it much better.

  14. Jenny, I just read your post and I am totally intrigued... I've been sitting here for about ten minutes trying to find a word for myself. this is tough. Thanks for the challenge, I'm gonna work on it, Update coming soon!