Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words . . . Part 1

You've missed me the past few days, haven't you?
We got a new computer tower, and although it will be fantastic in the long-term, it's been giving Brad fits for three days now. I think most of the bugs have now been ironed out, so back to posting and reading I come!

Why do you think our garbage disposal was making funny sounds?  Could it be that Lily brushed an entire package of wall anchors and screws down the drain? 
You decide.



  1. We just cleared out our sink yesterday too. Straws were our culprit. What an amazing photo though, even if it is of cruddy screws.

  2. Hahahaha! We find the most interesting things in interesting places, too! I'm so glad you didn't have to replace the disposal! And... I have missed you :)

  3. Yes, I have missed you!!:)
    And aren't computer issues the worst....well maybe not THE worst, but pretty high up there!
    Enjoy the day

  4. Awesome. I found one of those in my son's stomach, via his "boney picture" (X-ray). One minute it was on the table, the next - POOF - gone. With a little choking sound as a clue.

  5. I wish I had a garbage disposal...they're not allowed in our septic-driven world. It gets ugly sometimes, though maybe not as ugly as mangled screws.

  6. Oh sheesh! Thanks Lily for that slice of brilliance! That just means someone had to reach their hand down in there and dig around. That is one of my greatest gross outs in the world. I can NOT put my hand in that dark slimy hole.

  7. we've had some computer bugs this last weekend too ... hate that! The photo is hilarious ... says it all, doesn't it?!

  8. Two things...
    1. Awesome picture.
    2. Lily should be grounded for life.

    Too harsh? Here's my reasoning. Someone had to shove thier hand down into that dark, bladed sick-hole and fish around for those screws and such. SICK SICK SICK!! My stomach turns at the mere thought of this and I'm feeling a bit unsettled even as I write this.

    Wuss much?!

  9. Uh, yep. That'd do it!


    PS. Glad you're back!

  10. Oh there is a sink upstairs that needs some serious attention. I am ready to pay someone to do it. Yeah, it is that bad! No standing in the sink, but no water could drain if there was water in it.

    Glad you are back!

  11. That Lily- what a gal!

    I love the surprises kids put down drains. How about a pair of undies down the toilet- that was fun to get out.

  12. Oh that's great. When my oldest was a youngster, she put my car keys in the garbage disposal. I'm just glad it was never turned on. I don't even remember how we found them, but I do remember thinking how amazing it was that we did. Who would think to look in the disposal for missing keys?

  13. well. that. stinks.
    i'm sorry for your disposal.
    makes me cringe just thinking about it!

  14. Serious ICK! If this is what Lily finds to do at her tender age, I shudder to think about what else she'll think up!

  15. Oh wow! Did she really? So who ended up having to fish them out? I'm so scared of sticking my had down the garbage disposal. I get these frightening images of mangled hands....I blame those stupid horror movies that put that idea into my head.