Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Mikes

First-grade boys are a wondrous breed.  Mine is currently upstairs shrieking because he got sent to bed early.  Why? For throwing a tantrum over Wii.  I know.  I'm so unreasonable.

Micah-isms from the last few days:
I took him for his first eye appointment.  Tucker and Ben both had eye issues, so I always take my kids to the pediatric ophthalmologist.  Eyes dilated, everything is great.  Dr. P dubbed him "the most perfect eyes in Mesa."  His face fell.  "What's wrong, dude?"  "How can I be Harry Potter for Halloween now?"
Notice anything unusual about this picture?  Hint: It's not the dinosaur.
Micah thought he'd have a little snack, so he removed the lid to the Nilla Wafers and took the jar out of the pantry.  Before he could turn around, he'd knocked it into the wall and shattered the jar.  His comment? "At least you can use the lid again."

He insists on playing Stratego with whoever he can convince.  The problem?  He can't really play.  Even though he loses EVERY TIME, he still loves playing.  Don't get that one.
We decided to initiate the kids into the Denton family tradition of "Spoons."  We explained to them that in Dad's family, the game can get a little competitive, and then a little violent.  Before our first game, we knelt in family prayer, and Micah said, "Please bless no one to get bloody during Spoons."  
Mikes had to stay home from school yesterday--flu bug bit him.  Woke up running to the toilet, sometimes in time, sometimes not.  He worked his way through four pairs of boxers before he was in control again.  Once I caught him standing over the toilet, dry heaving.  "Are you okay, buddy?"  "At least I made it to the toilet for this."  Ever the optimist, that one. (Except when sent to bed early and Hyrum's still up playing Guitar Hero with Ben and Lily.  Then he's definitely a little sad.  Wish you could hear the sadness rolling down the stairs.)

And the best? Tonight we were sitting around the table, eating soft tacos and telling the best and worst of our day. Micah said his was just a pretty normal day. Then, for some reason that we never identified, he jumped up with his taco in hand and tried to run from the table. In his haste, he'd forgotten that he'd tied his shoes together at his friend's house. He fell SO HARD, completely caught off guard and not stopping the fall at all.
What's a mom to do? I did my best to stifle everyone else's laughter, scooped him into my arms and tried to comfort him.
Then, I had to mop up all the half-chewed tortilla and meat that had gone flying from his mouth.

That's our Micah.

I love every second with that boy.



  1. Oh my goodness, I thought I was reading my own blog for a second. My 1st grader is also threw a tantrum over the Wii tonight! And he spent all night Friday throwing up. And he's always asking us to tie his shoes together for some reason we can't figure out. His latest one liner came after his dad told him they were going to have a discussion about his behavior in church. "Well, I'm not coming to THAT discussion."

  2. what a cute kid!
    (love the LR curtains, btw)
    glad you're cherishing each moment with him, AND writing it all down. one day he'll be surprised to find you've got it all documented. especially when his own kids get to read about his adventures! ;)

  3. You painted a great portrait here. I like that kid!

  4. We have several pairs of Harry Potter glasses left over from Brenn, hardly worn at all.

    Love that Micah! I will play Stratego with him, I am sure he will beat me.

  5. He's adorable and you write to bring us right there with you.........but my overwhelming response to this post............that with all you've got going on in your life....you have a DOG!

  6. Wow! That sounds like my 5 year old. DOn't you love those moments of stiffling laughter...because you know someday he will be laughing at that story as well.

  7. I have a first grade girl who could give him a run for his money!!!:)
    And what's with the dress-up gear...we never got that story!!! Too funny!
    Enjoy the day

  8. I have never thought Micah looked like Lily, so I was sure the picture of him all dressed up was Lily. I had to look really hard to tell and I am still not sure. What fun you have at the Denton house!

  9. How could you not love every second with him? I love all the tid bits :)

  10. It sound like you have a kid of every kind- from artistic to girly girl, he is definitely your class clown.

  11. Very cute! Lots of personality!
    Great dress up outfit too!

    What is the color of your walls...downstairs pic?
    I love it!

  12. ah mikes... I'm probably the only person who's lost to him in stratego. Then again, he was the one doing the explaining, and I had no clue what was going on!

  13. Thanks for a peek into a little boydom. It sounds like a blast, shrieking and all. Love your take on all the adventures mom. Always enjoy my visits.

  14. love ur micha-ism...life would be boring w/o that little man around! each is precious! thanks for sharing a bit of yours!

  15. Oh how I love that boy. He's just so stinking cute. Love the pics too. Not gonna lie, the one where he has on the wig and all wrapped up/dressed up, I thought I was looking at Lily. WIERD!

    Boo on the broken jar of Nilla Wafers.

  16. I have a Micah, only his name is Lance:) They sure keep it interesting don't they? He's adorable by the way!

  17. I love your kids. He's a precious one. And funny. :)

  18. what a sweet tribute to your little guy ... he sounds like a wonderful boy, I can hear how much you treasure him - tantrums and all ;-)

  19. you have great kids jen..pat yourself on the back my friend.

  20. Great photos! Your kids are sooo cute! I also love your house!!!!
    Bonnie :)