Thursday, October 28, 2010

Foto Friday--Braceless Ben and Upcoming Events

Disclaimer: Getting a picture of a teenage boy NOT being crazy is impossible if they don't have football pads on.

Here's Ben a few weeks ago, just before he got his braces removed:
Here he is tonight, in response to my request that he show his teeth:
This next picture was the best of 47 shots.  It didn't help that his two little brothers were right behind me, laughing and encouraging his antics.
And, as a final shot, here's a tribute to Halloween this weekend.  I don't think he needs a costume with this face.
Even if he's slightly crazy, at least his teeth are straight, right?

On a completely unrelated note, next Thursday is my blogiversary--two years in the blogosphere, baby.  And, as a token of my appreciation to you, my dear blogging buddies, I will host a giveaway or two, interspersed with a few of my favorite posts.  

Happy Halloween, everyone, and see you Monday for the celebration!



  1. He is a goofball and his teeth look fantastic!

  2. All the effort of the braces and he plays football?
    Those faces are a hoot - boys can make sounds and faces that no girl ever could.

  3. His teeth are gorgeous! I wish my eyes could be that color every other day, too. He's a cutie!

  4. Wow...he looks like a fella that always keeps you smiling!!
    Love that!
    Enjoy the day Jen

  5. His teeth look great! The funny/scary faces are such fun!

    JDaniel hates mushrooms in his yard. We collect as soon as he finds them and take them to the woods.

  6. There is nobody quite like our boy, Ben. Gotta love him!!

  7. At least he doesn't play hockey right? Those shots of Ben are classic crazy teenage boy!

  8. That second pic looked JUST LIKE TUCKER and it was wierding me out. That kid is such a nutt. Good thing he's so lovable too!

  9. The teeth look great! And so does the very freaky face!


    PS. Come check out my new Halloween story-poem. It's kinda creepy!

    A Halloween Tale of Terror

  10. What gorgeous choppers! It's a great day when those braces come off - I can remember feeling like I had no teeth after feeling those bands for 2 years. (I'm sure they've improved a lot since I had mine...)
    Happy almost anniversary, and I'll look forward to Monday!

  11. I haven't been on for the past week, so I went through and read your last 4 posts. That picture of the hand coming out of the water is exactly how I've been feeling lately. I keep mumbling to myself that I'm drowning, just give me a hand. I love your plan. I might have to sit down and try that out myself. Love the pictures. Love crazy kids, I have a few myself.

  12. I love how silly Ben is :) It's really adorable! Yay for straight teeth! They look fantastic!