Monday, October 25, 2010

Fragments from My Weekend

Wedding Reception:
One of my "other oldest daughters" was married. Wasn't she beautiful?
The reception was absolutely gorgeous. Tons of help from tons of people, and it all came together swimmingly.

Here's what's still hanging around our house since the reception:

Last-minute idea for the backdrop to the receiving line--tons of candles and a floor-length mirror (I did take our family picture down so the Denton clan wasn't staring down at them every moment).
We took all the furniture out of the living room for the receiving line and all the furniture out of the family room for dining tables and a place to watch the wedding video. It was cold (for here), so some tables were outside as well. I figured I wouldn't put the furniture back if I could get the carpet cleaned this week. So we'll enjoy our own personal light-saber ring until Thursday!
A few straggling dishes borrowed from friends and four remaining flower arrangements. Wish you could see the calla lilies in the center and the floating cranberries.
Coffee table and lamp from the family room are still in the entry. Too tired to move them anywhere else, and who are they hurting, really?
We did have a momentous birthday this weekend as well. Miss Evie turned one. I can't believe it's already been a year. Bean bags from Aunt Amy, . . .
. . . a rattle from Aunt Katie, $ from Grandma T, and, of course, her cell phone. She loves that thing.
I don't have a single picture of her with her cake, but hopefully I can get this video to work. She would not touch it. So, why does her cake look like the above picture? Because Mom's been stressed out. And Mom loves frosting.

Pardon our tone-deaf family. It really is bad, isn't it?


  1. The reception left overs are so beautiful. I love the flower arrangements. Each element adds so much to the whole. Happy late birthday to Evie. It just goes way too fast!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet one year old! I thought the video was so cute - took me back!

  3. Looks like it was probably a lovely reception...and aren't you the nicest friend ever to literally move all your furniture about to make it work.

    I giggled so much at your "tone deaf" birthday song. It started out rough, but it really all came together just great at the end. And really, i could love a family more, tone deaf or not. hahahahaha

  4. Oh that was so fun to watch! Love it. Little Evie wasn't quite sure what everyone wanted her to do! What a precious baby girl.

  5. Evie is such a sweetie...even if she doesn't have her own sweet tooth!:)
    Aubrey wasn't so into her first cake either.
    Loved the 3D glimpse of your family.:)
    Enjoy the day

  6. I love the video....everyone is just enjoying the moment...well almost everyone! At least she didn't make a huge mess all over herself. Maybe this means she won't have a problem with that old sugar monkey!
    Cute! Cute!
    Have a great week!

  7. Oh how I loved this! Watching you watch Evie..I felt like I was there! Ok you have been way too busy..all fun things but busy! I'm hoping you can relax a bit this week...xoxo

  8. What a sweet video, I loved seeing that!! She was so wide-eyed and proud as everyone sang, that was really wonderful!! And those floral arrangements with the red roses, calla lilies, and the floating cranberries?! LOVE!

  9. I am laughing my head off that Evie wouldn't touch her cake. That is exactly how her Mama reacted. We had your cake with only you, your Dad and me and so there was no commotion, but you still wouldn't touch it. This video really took me back. Fun memories.

    Another great wedding reception at your beautiful home. I am sure you loved having it. Rest up this week. LOVE

  10. adorable. and hilarious when Evie tried to get someone to lick off the frosting from her fingers.

    fun times at the Sanatorium!

  11. Lucky anyone who has their reception at your house! It looks like it was beautiful. No wonder you've been so busy! Miss Evie looked so cute but darn it - they never do the thing you want them to do on camera, do they? I remember Mia got a cell phone for her 1st birthday too - and loved it. She, however, was the Birthday Pig - covered head to toe in chocolate frosting. If she could have stuck her head in it she would've. Evie is much more of a lady. Can you releax now? I hope so...

  12. Wow! How great are you to host a reception at your house?!

    You amaze me.

    Happy Birthday to Evie!

  13. That is the cutest video! I love! LOVE! It's precious that she doesn't like to be dirty. I put my hands and my entire face in my one year cake. Loved it.

  14. I loved watching that video. Poor Evie looked so confused. The boys in the background trying to encourage her to eat it cracked me up.

  15. That's a riot that Evie didn't like getting her fingers dirty! What a doll she is, Jen. And the rest of your family is so cute, too.

    Looks like the reception was wonderful, and YOU are wonderful to have it at your house. (Great opportunity, I agree, to have the carpets cleaned!)

    Happy belated b-day to little bright eyes.


  16. That video was just too darn cute! I wonder if she'll feel the same next year? What a busy, but blessed weekened, and what a beautiful bride!

  17. I can't even tell you how happy I as to be able to see you at TOFW! You'll never know how much your sweet kindness changed my life and I truly bless your name every time I think of our little Emma! I NEVER would have made it through that moment had it not been for you. :o)

    I just really am so excited to be reconnected. I just "befriended" Heidi and Heather on FB and hope they remember me! I think of those girls constantly too! They were definitely rays of sunshine in my life during that time!

    Hope you catch up with my family at our You can also link to my photo blog there too! PLEASE PLEASE keep in touch!

  18. your little one is so adorable! And what a gorgeous big family you have. Thanks for coming and taking the time to check out my blog.. .means a lot. ♥

  19. Cute video - It brought back the memory that I had one who wouldn't touch her cake either. Funny.
    I love having "other daughers...and sons". How nice of you to host the reception in your home. Looks like it was a beautiful event.

  20. Why does this post make me cry? All the love is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Oh my gosh. This is so cute. She's a doll. What a little lady. She won't eat with her hands and doesn't like it on her fingers. Did you prep her for diggin' in? My kids would probably have made a huge mess, no problem.

  22. Jenny, thank you thank you thank you. The fact that I could ask you for this was just incredible and wonderful. How I love you and your family!

    And so fun to watch the belated bday! Happy Birthday Miss Evie!

  23. You're such a great friend and an even better mom- what lucky people they are to have you. The flowers are so pretty- what a nice thing to have left behind.

  24. hehehehehehehehehehehe....i LOVE evie! what a doll. i adore that when the command to blow it out came, the kids blew it out and she squaked! wanted to totally snuggle her up in my arms. (: what a girl.

    and i love the asking ben how long his braces have been off. lol. that is still happening to me, and its been almost a year!

    lovely reception deets. floating cranberries make my heart sing. love them! your empty carpeted room makes me want to roll around all over it! i miss carpet so bad. never thought i'd say it, but i love being able to snuggle with my family or dogs on the floor. not so easy or pleasant with the hardwood. :(

  25. Wow, the reception looked like it was amazing! How great of you guys to lend them your home for their wedding reception!

    Happy belated birthday, Evie! She looked so cute in that video. Well, she looked more like she was ready to run from the cake :) I bet you took off her shirt in anticipation for the mess, didn't you :)