Monday, November 1, 2010

Reality Dose

Thanks for all your kind comments yesterday.
This post is for all of you who like the reality of my large family.  There's nothing more real than today.

Baby woke up talking and laughing over the monitor.  Reality--she was covered in poop, as was her bedding and bed.  So happy to see you this morning!

Micah emptied the dishwasher with little complaining. Reality--he broke his second glass in two days, since he refuses to believe stacking glass breaks glass.  Mom lost it a bit with this one.

Hyrum played quietly while I scrambled getting kids out the door.  Reality--Halloween stamp all over the window. Mom may have lost it a bit on this one as well.

Lily hurried out the door to school after cleaning her room.  Reality--call from the school to "please bring my flute, and my music, and . . . "  So glad the school is only one house away.

Heidi said she'd call today.  Phone rings.  Reality--second call from the school today: Ms. M wondering if Micah could please write more legibly.  Brad and I type our words for a reason, Sister.

 Hyrum cheerfully calls up the stairs "I'll clean it up."  Reality--these words are never good to hear from a three-year-old.  At least it was Cheerios, and Evie was doing her part.

 Micah searched through the library for a book to read.  Reality--the title is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, not Diarrhea. 'Nuff said.

I prepared a great Family Night lesson, all about gratitude and service.  Reality--everyone fought and laughed and joked and ignored me.  What else is new?

At least I had great companions for my bike ride. Evie before we stopped at Joy School:
 And with her brother.  Aren't they cute?
Good thing.  Cute is what keeps them alive on days like today.

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  1. oh I love these type of reality posts. Thanks for giving us the "reality" version of your day, served with some grace and humor :) Yes, cute is what keeps them alive some days huh?

  2. I had to laugh about the poop. Same thing happened to my sister. LOL. Good thing is it washes off and out. :) ~Ames

  3. Ahhhh yes...reality! Kinds are "butts", what can we say? It IS a good thing they're adorable, and have awesome moments to make up for all the naughty.

    I am very grateful to state that poop situations like that have never happened to me. PHEW! however, i totally have the barf covered.

  4. Cute really does save mine, too! And the reality is that on these days we realize that we are learning from parenting along with them :)

    I loved the "I'll clean it up" and there is nothing better than a bike trailer this time of year! When K and L were little, before our 2nd car, we went EVERYWHERE and did EVERYTHING in that 2 wheeled wonder!

  5. That's right - it's the cuteness factor that gets children through those first four years!

  6. OMG I laughed out loud at this post! Even with my 12 year old, if I hear "I'll clean it up!" I say a quick prayer before I even look at the damage. The cute factor gets them through a lot those first few years :) So funny Jen. Love that you can keep your humor through it all (at least after cooling down for a few hours!) he he :)

  7. I can't tell you enough how much I love your blog. I love that it is real! My catch phrase to watch out from with my miss is "im ok" If I hear this the first thing that pops into my mind is what on Earth is she doing that requires that response?? Lord help me! It truly is a beautiful thing being a mom! It makes life interesting on so many levels.

  8. Yes, they are so CUTE! God made them that way on purpose! God also probably thought I could only handle one child! Stamps on the wall might have put me over the edege! :)

  9. Ahh Humm. I had very CUTE children, too.

  10.'s the 'i'll clean it up' that always scares me.

    i lost it last night w/mini me decided to get a perm sharpie out yet again and draw a picture for her friend on my counter top. i guess the million times i yell 'QUIT USING SHARPIES ON MY COUNTERS IT BLEEDS THROUGH' never gets to their brain.

    ugh....i have a 'school supply' drawer full of markers...and well name something you need for school and it's in there.

    ok i'm off my rant now! :o)

    ur stamped wall was beautiful! :o)

  11. What a wonderful, messy, and real life. I love your honesty and humor about it all Jen.

  12. Boy us moms sure do a lot in any given day don't we!:)
    Sounds like a typical day in our house too...minus the poopy bed...if I say that has never happened to us, I will wake up to it tomorrow, so I will just say "That Stinks!!":)
    Enjoy the day Jen

  13. They are as bright as shiny pennies. They just make me smile!


  14. I tell ya - most days are just like that, aren't they? But that last picture says it all - they are adorable children! I loved the Cheerios picture, by the way. So funny!

  15. at least he's willing to help, right? :) hopefully Rum just keeps that attitude. Hate poop messes, but I'd rather do that over barf. No fun. Miss you guys!

  16. Loved, loved, loved this post!!
    Talk about 'keeping it real'.

    I love reading blogs and finding out about people and their lives and how they handle situations but I must admit that I have a soft spot for the more 'real' posts that come along!!

    I've only just come across your blog but love it! (congratulations on becoming a mum of a mum too!)

    Love L xx

  17. Sorry but the one about the poop made me smile. Oh how I know what those morning feel like! Waking up to poop everywhere in the crib is never a good sign for things to come.

    Have I ever mentioned that Evie (and all of your kids) are so freakin adorable?