Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Special Delivery (and Post-Script to Yesterday's Post)

Don't you love the little goodies brought by friends and neighbors at Christmas?

We delivered my homemade jam from last summer (post here) and our yummy/ugly sugar cookies.
We broke records yesterday here in AZ: 82 degrees. Yes, Lily's in shorts.
Hope the jolly old elf gets their message!

Christmas is a time of fulfilled wishes. Remember this post? Look what my visiting teachers brought me today:
It's perfect, isn't it? Now I just need one that says, "Holiday Cheer Closet" and one that says "Hobbit Closet." Someday I'll show you these messes!

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If you missed my admitted idiocy yesterday:  I deleted my blog roll, AGAIN.  I am slowly working on piecing it back together.  If your blog doesn't appear in the next few days, make sure you leave a comment.
And a post-script to yesterday's post:
Thanks for the advice and the commiseration.
Just FYI: This is not a regular classroom teacher--it's a specials teacher, so the effect on my darling will hopefully be minimal. And . . .

Grandma Honey: I took your advice and took an apology note and a plateful of cookies (not my scrumptious chocolate chip cookies but oatmeal raisin dough from a wrestling fundraiser)  to the school today. Now, maybe my house won't be bombed.


  1. Hi Jen, Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up! I can't believe that you still have 82 degree weather and are still wearing shorts. I live in FL and we had a high of 38 today...which is completely unheard of around here. Normally we are like you...in the 80s. Anyway, I'm loving the first picture of your daughter delivering the goodies. Such a beautiful shot! I'm following you back! Cheers!

  2. I'm glad things have somewhat resolved themselves! And yay for Christmas goodies!

  3. Seriously, what is up with this weather? 82 degrees? My daughter has been in t shirts and shorts most of this week.
    I received my first plate of goodies today. Ill have to follow back to your link post and find a good recipe for us to use to deliver our own plates of goodies. I love this time of year. So much giving.

  4. Yeah, I remember that AZ weather. My kids still think we live there. Hope you get all your roll back. That's so frustrating.

  5. Just hopping on by via Wordless Wednesay to view your great photos. I would love it if you could visit me back.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas
    Helen x

  6. Wow, I wish I had you as my neighbor! Mine likes to run away from us the minute they spot us in the hallway (There are 2 apartments per floor in my building).

  7. 82 DEGREES? Sheesh, that's warm.

    Hopefully you got a cold front like we did last night. It's not Christmas without the need to wear jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

  8. Grandma Honey always has the best advice, doesn't she?


    PS. Can't believe you guys are wearing shorts!

  9. i love that lily is wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. makes me even more excited to come home!!

  10. I wish you were my neighbor! Those are wonderful photos. I need help with my night time shots.

    Happy WW!

  11. You're a good soul, Jen. I'm sure the teacher appreciated it and will think twice next time. You catch more flies with honey,,, etc etc.

  12. Love the santa in lights on that roof, LOVE the tchotchke closet, and LOVE LOVE that your kids aren't even wearing long sleeves or pants let alone coats ... can you say envy?!

  13. I am catching up on blogs and just noticed that you said you deleted your blog roll again - so I am commenting:-)

    I am just wondering what button you are pushing girl, that let's you keep deleting it?
    Just don't delete your blog - ha ha - if you can believe it I accidentally did that a few years ago and it was painful!

    Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!

  14. It's like Christmas in the southern hemisphere. I always think it's odd to see people in New Zealand on the beach at Christmas.