Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

There was a lot of work to do around here this weekend:

Ben's main job was to make sure Dad didn't fall into the pool, trash can and all.
There were jobs for big and small. 

And how did we guarantee that they'd keep working?

Never underestimate the power two boxes of these yields over grumpy dwarfs.


  1. Ah yes, the power of a donut. :) What strikes me most about these pictures is that your children are outside in short sleeves. I'm sinking into my January funk...we are inside most of the time now. The temperatures have been soooo bitterly cold. Right now I'd be so happy to move anywhere with a better climate. Maybe I'll bribe my kids with donuts for an inside workday on Sat!

  2. I am soooooo glad there is not a Crispy Cream within 200 miles of me.
    I would be a lardo for sure.

    Those are some cute kids and HEY what is with the weather? Hellooooo SNOW????


  3. I can't say I really understand what the little ones are doing with those round wheel things, but I'd roll one around too if it meant getting a krispy kreme!! I could eat a dozen warm original glazed in one sitting - no, seriously, I can.

  4. Yep, Krispy Kremes are definitely miracle workers in the attitude department!


  5. I would do practically anything too for a couple boxes of Krisy Kreme donuts! I'm curious too...what are the kids rolling?

  6. i can't remember if i told you this or not, but i like the new header.

    and do you remember that post i'd written a while back about football and first love? you'd said "methinks we need to hear a little more about this adam."

    i wrote about him today.

  7. We had a freezing rain snow delay in our neck of the woods...looks like fun out there.

  8. Sheesh, for someone getting balance, and stepping away from the blogosphere a little. HOW do you get a new post up every day? I just can't seem to find enough motivation or inspiration to accomplish that.

  9. Hmm, no Krispy Kremes here, but maybe a Timmy or two might get the same result. Although any clean up we should have done, is now under several feet of snow, so we have a few months to think about this new "get them working" technique.

  10. I LOVE that...."power over grumpy dwarfs"...hahahahaha! Gotta remember that!
    Reminds me of a line that I heard today in surgery (I'm an OR nurse)...Me: "Are your re-tired?"
    Pt: "No....just tired!"
    Me too...need donuts!!

  11. Great, now I want a donut!!!:)
    Enjoy the night

  12. Ah, bribery...and donuts too! My question is what in the world are the little ones rolling on the ground? Are they flattening grass?

  13. video games on pbskids or mommy's phone. that's what motivates brennan like nobody's business! it's awesome.