Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Fotos on Friday

Here's our week:

Evie "helped" me organize the junk drawer.  She was so helpful that Dad took her off to help him with another project.
Hyrum got a new tricycle.  I had reward  money and a gift card at Toys R Us that had to be spent by the end of January, and this trike (solid metal Radio Flyer, complete with a bell!) was on clearance.  With all my coupons, it ended up costing me $7.15, including tax!
Dad was pulling Evie D in the bike trailer. 
We all took a trip to the Phoenix gaZoo (as Rum calls it) for Joy School this week. The traveling koala exhibit was worth the trip.  And we seven moms successfully shepherded fifteen kiddos (four and under) without anyone getting lost or peeing their pants.  That's a miracle, right there!
I was trying to snap a shot of Evie asleep in a crazy position.  Once she heard the shutter open on the camera, she was bolt upright.  Can you tell Mean Mom woke up the sleeping princess?

Speaking of sleeping princess, check out the eyelashes on this girl.  She's finally caught the Harry Potter bug--almost done with number 5.  I told her that once she's finished the books, I might let her see the movies.  Still thinking about that one.
Good night here from AZ.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow! $7.15 for a tricycle! And a Radio Flyer too!

    It's great that Lily likes reading the Harry Potter books. :)

  2. I forgot about how beautiful the sunsets are in AZ. That first picture captured it so well.

  3. The photo of you and Evie is melting me. Oh my word that is cuteness at its finest.

  4. Still feel bad about letting her watch #4 with me....I should have checked with you instead of believing her...Stinker :) And I hope Tucker finally got a hold of you. So excited!!!!

  5. That trike is too cool, and for $7? Even better!

  6. Great photos Jen!
    Oh I so want to take pictures of Aubrey sleeping, but I'm a chicken...and waking babies is against the rules in my house!!:)
    Enjoy the weekend

  7. Cute photos jen. Fun trike for sure and I hope to catch the organizing bug.
    I missed your post yesterday. We are struggling with some issues at school and home. Some days we make progress...the next day we think we'll never get there!

  8. What an awesome deal you got on Hyrum's tricycle! Wow!

    I was suprised that you woke Evie while trying to get a picture...I thought for sure a mom of 7 would value her time more than that...but then again, even a mom of 7 can't resist getting a cute picture of a sleeping baby!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. TOTAL SCORE on that trike. Lucky kid!

    Love the pic of Hyrum in the oyster shell at the zoo. Took me a minute to figure out where that was. That was a cool angle, I've never seen somene take the pic that way before.

    In fact, all your pics are great. You're getting quite good at capturing things in a cool way.

  10. I'm curious as to why she can read the books but not see the movies. To me, the books were much darker than the movies. Is it just a graphics thing? Like thinking it will make it more real to see it in film? Just wondering. :)

  11. okay, snagging that trike for seven bucks was pretty spectacular.

    LOVE the photo of evie. :]

    am supremely jealous of those eyelashes.

    and that last shot is fabulous!

  12. oh! and forget the movies. the books are SO, SO, SO much better. the movies just wreck it.

  13. sweet photos, jen ... not to mention a sweet deal on that trike! wahoo!

  14. dude what a deal on the tricycle!

    as for evie! haha after being youngest in the house you think she'd be used to little noises!

  15. What a steal on that trike. I love that Lily fell asleep reading, a girl after my own heart!

  16. I used to fall asleep reading all the time, so I love Lily. You're a busy girl! Enjoy your weekend.

  17. that wolf moon was something amazing!

    hoping brennan's grandparents will get him a trike for his birthday in march!!!:)

  18. aight, missy. you may have one more post about adam. and that is it:

  19. 7.15! what a great deal!
    Such beautiful pic's of your family! Those eyelashes! Is it wrong I am jealous!? ( : Because I am!
    Have a pretty day!

  20. Our youngest is only eight and she is reading Harry. She is stopping at the fourth as her sisters told her it's too scary. She is loving them too. Still not sure about how young she is to be reading them though.