Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Was Your V Day?

It came to my attention that Jessee was having a linky party yesterday--fourteen things you love. And that I'd missed it. So I asked permission to join today, if I did fifteen things I love.

I decided on fifteen things I loved about yesterday. In no particular order, here goes:
1.  Lily's valentine box.  Isn't it darling?  And I can't BELIEVE she didn't win any of the seven prizes.  Seriously?  Time for a recount.
2.  Making sugar cookies.  Mmmmm.
3.  Delivering sugar cookies to a few of the widowed people in our neighborhood.
4.  Pink heart chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
5.  Micah's comment upon seeing said pink heart chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast:  "Cookies!  For breakfast?"
6.  Take-out from Pei Wei and lunch with a great friend.  Thanks, Lori.
7.  Hyrum's first Valentine exchange.  With only five kids in his Joy School class, he had all the candy gone by noon.
8.  Having all of Hyrum's candy gone by noon.
9.  Hyrum sharing his candy with Evie, and worrying that she might choke on SpongeBob conversation hearts.  She didn't.
10.  Flowers and a sweet card from my main valentine.  I love how mushy valentine's cards when you're newly married morph into the "life-with-you-is-what-I-always-dreamed-of" valentines.
11.  Roast for dinner.  On a Monday.
12.  Extended silly (and extremely slobbery) kisses from my two littlest boys, preceded by the shout, "Happy Valentine's Day!" (and Ben's disgust at this PDA)
13.  Evie's little pointed finger, followed by a wave.  This means, "Take me outside.  Now is the only option."
14. 78 degrees.
15.  Texts from Provo (and a hilarious blog post) and texts from Rexburg (and a package).

Not your traditional Valentine's day, was it?  I loved it. Hope you survive sugar withdrawal today.

Linking up to Jessee's blog, of course.  And to the happiness project.




  1. Looks like a wonderful day...oh, and Lily was robbed. ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a great day!!

    Love that you delivered cookies to the neighbors -- I really think that is so kind...

    I agree with Traci -- Lily WAS robbed! LOL. That was really creative!

    Thanks Jenny, for linking up. I really enjoyed reading your post.

  3. love your 15 things! Sounds like a great day to me, except that Lily deserved first place for that sweet valentine box, robbed indeed!!

  4. Actually, that's exactly the kind of kid-infused Valentine's Day I miss!


  5. Wonderful pictures of such a sweet day! Great list... =)

  6. So much to be happy about. I love this!

  7. Love the bucket and the beautiful flowers.
    I nominated you for "Stylish Blogger Award".

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful day - a Valentine's Day of perfection. I love Lily's creation - the judges were blind.

  9. Looks like a fun day on in the Sanatorium!
    Love all the Valentine celebrations.

    Those pink pancakes look yummy!

  10. Love this list and I would have totally loved linking to this one!!!
    All our candy is gone too...yeah!!
    Have a happy night

  11. Lily box is fweaking rad- lame judges. I make Emma's candy disappear too- right into the garbage the next day (she really does have the meanest mom ever)

  12. I absolutely love your 15 things :) Sounds like Valentine's day was a pretty good day for your family!