Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Thought I Was Defying Gravity . . .

Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
~Albert Einstein

Really? So I'm no Einstein. We've established that.

Remember this post? How I accidentally ran over Petunia?  I got her back from the shop, just like new, and then she sat in the garage and waited for me to find time to ride her.  It was a long wait.

Tuesday morning, all the planets must have aligned, because the moment presented itself, and I hit the road.  Me.  My iPod set on "Wicked."  And Petunia.

I was in the ZONE.  Music playing, legs pumping.  At one point it was all I could do to control myself and not throw my arms in the air Rocky-style at the pure excitement of being on the road.

I was approaching a stop light about four miles from home, so I unclipped my right foot--the foot closest to the curb--and stopped the bike.  Unfortunately for me, the road was sloped towards the intersection instead of towards the sidewalk as I had expected.  In an instant, I was falling and I couldn't extricate my foot fast enough to prevent the fall.  Instinctively, my left hand shot out to catch myself.

The second I hit the ground, I knew something was really wrong.  But I had four excruciating miles to go with no alternative but to ride home.  I told Brad when I finally got back that I thought something was broken, it just hurt worse than any other injury I've ever had.  He dismissed it--a sprain--and I resumed my day.

I proceeded to take four small children, 2 three-year-olds and 2 babies, to the park and then to McDonald's for lunch.  I may be getting a medal for those heroics, I'm telling you.  Pushing on the swing.  In and out of car seats and high chairs.  FOUR KIDS.

When I got home, I headed to the computer to work on my lesson for Thursday.  At the end of an hour I could no longer support the weight of a book, and I knew.  At least I hoped.  I texted our doctor, and he called ahead to get me an x-ray. (What?  You don't text your doctor?  I know. Spoiled.  MD is a family friend.)

An exam and an x-ray later, Dr. P determined that yes,it was broken, and that yes, I needed a cast.  At this point, I was just thrilled I could tell Brad I wasn't a big baby.  Then Dr. P (and our family doc) informed me ofthe bad news--a scaphoid break is difficult to mend, and it will be at least six weeks in the cast. Then a CAT scan to see if it's knitting.  Then maybe a new cast, or the insertion of screw.  Maybe up to six MONTHS.  Seriously?  Six MONTHS?  Sigh.

Let's just say that the cast and I--we have a love/hate relationship. I so love that the cast is helping me heal.  Otherwise, I hate it.  I need a good name for it--a tortured, pained name.  I'm thinking.  You got a good one?

On another note, I received the stylish blogger award from my friend Susan at Five Great Kiddos.  One of the requests is that we share seven things about ourselves.  Here's my angle:

I haven't had a giveaway in a while, so I'm going to work all these events (broken scaphoid, blogger award, and giveaway) into one amazing post. 

I'm going to list ten things I've discovered that are really hard with a broken arm.

One of the ten is actually remarkably easy to do with a cast.
One of the ten is virtually impossible to do with a cast.
And one of the ten is surprisingly difficult to do with a cast.

Whoever guesses all three correct will win a $15 gift card to Target.  Not that big of a deal, but this challenge is more for bragging rights anyway.  If there is more than one correct answer, I'll have Hyrum draw a name.  Are you up for the challenge? 

Okay, here goes.  Having a cast on your arm makes--

1.  opening pill bottles
2.  changing diapers
3.  fixing a pony tail on the back of my own head
4.  doing up my bra (TMI?  Sorry)
5.  tying shoelaces
6.  turning door knobs
7.  steering the Suburban
8.  eating a sandwich
9.  any personal hygiene associated with the right armpit (again, maybe TMI)
10.  picking up Evie

--extremely difficult.

I'll determine the winner on Monday.  Good luck, and have a break-free, cast-free, x-ray-free weekend. 

Petunia is up for a ride if anyone wants to borrow her.



  1. Again, so sorry! I hope it heals super fast without any complications.
    Just for fun, here are my answers -
    #10 for remarkably easy
    #3 for virtually impossible
    #5 for surprisingly difficult

    You are super-mom for taking 4 kiddos to the park with a broken wrist!

  2. What a bummer! I hope it heals quickly. A Mom out of commision is no fun for anyone!

    I'm guessing that doing your own pony tail is extremely difficult.

  3. Oh jenny, that SUCKS! I'm so sorry. Six weeks, to six MONTHS? NO Bueno! Can't believe you went through that whole day in that much pain. You ARE awesomeness!

  4. oh so sad! what a great post though. I think you should name your cast Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. He's definitely a tortured soul.

  5. I can't believe you rode 4 miles back home and then went about your day with a broken are wonder woman!

    Here's my guess:
    #7 is easy
    #3 impossible
    #10 difficult

    I hope your arm heals quickly!

  6. Jen,
    So sorry to hear this!! What a bummer! I will be praying for you! hugs, cathy

  7. So sorry for you Jenny. I went through the cast thing and they were long weeks with scaly skin at the end. I hope you heal like the wind

  8. I would call the cast Gargamel. Remember, he was the bad guy on the smurfs. I think driving the suburban is the easy one, changing a diaper is difficult, and hooking a bra impossible.

  9. yikes

    I am sorry.
    I don't know, but I am guessing that #10 is easy
    #4 is impossible
    # 6 is difficult

    here's hoping it is 6 weeks instead of months

  10. I'm so sorry - I've never had a broken bone (officially anyway) and I hope I never do. I think you should call you cast My Precious - you need it, but you hate that you need it.
    Remarkably easy: #7 Driving the Suburban
    Virtually impossible: #3 - doing the ponytail
    Surprisingly difficult: #10 - picking up Evie.
    Knit quickly!

  11. So sorry Jen! YIKES! Take it all a day at a time...and let those kiddos help you around the house. You are my hero for sucking it up and getting on with the day! :)

  12. I am somewhat cheating but not too proud to go to Target!

    #7 is easiest
    #4 surpirsingly difficult
    #5 is impossible

  13. Wow, I already thought you were a pretty amazing woman, but now I know it for a fact!

    Here is my shot at the answers:

    #8 - remarkably easy
    #3 - virtually impossible
    #10 - surprisingly difficult

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    ~ Tracy

  14. Oh my goodness! Poor you! I still can't believe that you went and did things with your kids and then some before texting your doctor! Dude! That's just insane!

    I do hope you are on the mend and that you'd heal a lot quicker than expected. It must be annoying having to type with a cast on one hand (unless you are a master at the one handed typing).

    As for your little riddle, I don't need the giftcard but I want to take a guess like everyone else. Here are my choices:

    #10 for the easy to do
    #1 for virtually impossible
    #3 for the difficult

    Get better soon!

  15. I hope there are no pins to be put in and only 6 weeks of bondage. You could call your cast Igor the immobilizer or Mortimer the mutilator

    And never having had a cast before- but being one who applies them to others I'm going to guess #6 for easy, #7 for difficult and #3 for dang near impossible

  16. I've never broken a bone. I have no idea what would be easy or not. But I'll give it a good O'l Canadian try.
    #2 easy
    #4 impossible
    #7 difficult

  17. I am sooooo sorry!
    That is not fun.
    You are a tough cookie.
    I see grown men cry with a little sprain in the ER.

    I hope your hubs feels a little bit guilty.

    I also hope that the healing is fast and perfect!

  18. mephistopheles. asmodeus. iblis. beezlebub. lachesis. atropos.

    any of those work?

  19. Oh! atreus. he was a mean, mean man. not as mean as the folks listed above, but he's definitely wicked.

  20. #7 easy, #4 and #5 are difficult!
    Ill go with #4 as impossible.

  21. by the way. i got you a present. it's at the bottom of this post:

  22. so sorry to hear about your hand and I cannot even believe how long you went after breaking it before getting the cast - wowza! Now for the game ...

    #6 is impossible
    #2 is easy (though #10 is tempting for this category)
    #4 is difficult


  23. ohhh noooooooooooo! i'm sorry! yes hooking bra and changing dipe esp dirty one must be hard! :o(