Friday, March 4, 2011

Foto Friday and a Question for You

A few photos of Miss Evie on this Friday. And then a challenge for next week.

These were all taken yesterday as I tried to capture her sitting on the new chair.

Can I just say that I love her?

I’ve been thinking about two questions, both of which I think would be interesting link posts. Here’s the first

Much of the world is in crisis now—Egypt, Libya, New Zealand. Much is fighting through a quick civil war or an extended drought. Most is wrestling this crazy global interdependent economy and what that change means on a very small, very personal budget.

I have a few friends that are facing huge life-altering challenges right now—disease diagnosis, loss of children, caring for elderly family, loss of job and familiar life, just to name a few.

Some of these challenges have taken a while to develop—either the outcome is currently uncertain or it was for a while. Some of these challenges were abrupt and horrifying and sudden.

The question I’ve been pondering is this: If you had your choice, would you want to know the future? Would you want to know that your life will be markedly, frighteningly different than you’ve planned all along? Or would you rather have the change come quickly, like an uncontrolled locomotive, leaving disaster in its wake, with you scrambling to pick up the pieces?

Pretty deep, huh? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Ponder it. It will be so different for each us. And so interesting, depending on our circumstances.

I’ll be posting the link on Tuesday.
Start your cogs turning. I’ll save the other question for a while. I don’t want to overheat your minds.



  1. Wow! A very profound question.

    I live in Florida and I like having the advance notice of a catagory 5 hurricane barreling down on me so I can get my loved ones to safety. If there is a chance of survival I like to prepare for it.

    On the other hand, having advance notice can also take the Joy right out of your sails. Like having a doctor tell you your husband only has 3 weeks to live because he has cancer. It puts a big dent in any hope of survival and bumps faith way down on the totem pole for some people. (By the way, that was 11 years ago that idiot doctor said that to me and I still have my husband with me because I chose to fight for my husbands life.

    If I had not insisted he take a PSA test, then perhaps he would have died suddenly. Sort of like being hit shot in the back, we wouldn't have seen it coming.

    I think the only thing I am not supposed to know in advance is when the good lord will come and take me. My only hope is that he come when I am sleeping.

    So I guess I should say YES I like knowing in advance.

    I hope something is not troubling you (none of my business) and I hope that you don't have cause for any worry (again none of my business). We can waste our time worrying or enjoy living in each and every moment.~Ames

  2. Hi Jen - I love your linky parties - yay! And, yes there's bound to be a profound discussion that comes from your topic - good for you!!

    ps - what's up with the teeny tiny font?!

  3. I prefer not to know. I like to just stay in the moment and take life as it comes.

    No previews, for me!


  4. I'll be pondering that over the weekend - especially in light of my latest life crisis. (You'll have to read my blog, dear.) Evie - could you just dive into those eyes?

  5. No way would I want to know!! Nope! Definitely not!!

  6. I'm with previews for me either. I know challenges are coming...they always do. I'd rather the worry not suck the joy out of today.

  7. While I'm a big fan of knowing about a terrible storm coming, or an earthquake or a tsunami - for the rest of it, I'd rather take it as it comes.

  8. No, I wouldn't want to know.
    I few years ago, there were personal disasters piled on personal disasters. I thought I couldn't deal with one more thing. Then the "one more thing" was worse than the previous thing.
    It kept piling and piling.

    When it was all said and done, I really wondered how I was able to wake up each day and keep going.

    Even these years later, I wonder if I'm ok.
    Had I known what awaited.....

    No, I don't wanna know.

  9. She has that best big blues- such a pretty baby!

    My brain is is working now (and it sort of hurts cause it's full of boogers and snot- nice visual right?). I can't wait to see what everyone says. I can't decide on knowing so I can prepare- I'm a planner you know, or not knowing- cause I'm actually good at going with the flow and thinking on my feet. Decisions decisions.

  10. I'll ponder for later ... but wanted to tell you right now ... that Miss Evie is one little cutie! That's what life is really all about ...

  11. Wow, good question. I love deep thoughts.

    Precious photos of Evie.