Thursday, March 10, 2011

Foto Friday--The Story of the Spikes

I know that most of you are still fighting off snow. Here in AZ my car thermometer read its first 90 of the year (91, actually). So we're already into our second track meet of the season.

Ben and Brad went to buy running shoes. Ben convinced Brad that the $80 model fit best (and looked cool, to boot).
Ben discovered, two weeks into practice, that he really wanted spikes. Brad said no. Brad said, "Remember the cool $80 shoes?"
Ben said, "They don't have spikes. I could jump so much farther with spikes."
Brad said, "Buy your own. If you break seventeen feet in the long jump, I'll pay you back."
Ben accepted the challenge.

Today, clad in his new spikes, Ben not only broke seventeen feet (17'1"), he also took first in the 75-meter and 300-meter hurdles.

Brad may also be springing for Sonic on the way home.
Just sayin'.


  1. That picture is ....AMAZING! You are developing such mad skills-so pleased for you! (I suppose Brad may have taken the shot, if so-kudos to him!)

    Had to call Quinn up just to check it out, way to go Ben! Quinn was mightily impressed you broke 17'!

    And 90*? How can it be that already seems so insane to me? Then I remember swimming over spring break last year, and I just shake my head at the 6 inches of snow we had Monday. Enjoy it for me!

  2. Great lesson - great incentive!
    It rained all day long here with a bitter-cold wind. There's a wind warning, so I'm praying that the ferry will sail tomorrow as I'm heading to the mainland.

  3. That is so awesome!

    Brad better be careful what pops out of his mouth!

  4. OH, and your weather........good thing I'm not a hater.

  5. 90, huh? Ugh.

    This is a really cute story of very good parenting.


  6. WOWZA! Way to go Ben! And that is a really cool picture.

    Hope the Sonic was good too. hahaha

  7. Good thing you have ONE athletically talented son.

  8. I love that story. Reminds me of the time my dad offered my brother $1000 at the tee box if he made a hole-in-one. My brother was one rich teenager that afternoon!

  9. Way to go Ben!
    Fabulous picture!
    We were having gorgeous weather but just got hit with a cold (to us) front so I am slightly jealous of your 90 degree weather!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Way to go, Ben! Wish I could be there to watch!

  11. hahahaha that's a great story, I love it!! and I don't know which to be more stunned by - the fact that's it's 91 there or the fact that you were able to grab such a beautiful mid-air action shot like that - what a photo!! My congrats to Ben, btw!!

  12. I love everything about track season... the smell, feel, sounds, weather, meets, practices... and spikes. I had a pair or 2 of my own. I loved them. They were essential :) Great job Ben (and mom and dad)!

  13. That's some bargain- way to go Ben.

  14. Great shot Jen. Love it when our kids prove us wrong. Send some of that heat this way. Another big dump of snow yesterday. I'm looking forward to April when we will finally get some melting.

  15. Seriously? 90? It's 23 here this morning. Frost on the ground and everything. Great photo!

  16. hahahahaha, that is awesome!!!!! becareful what you bet! ha!

  17. I love this story. Awesome. Love that photo, too.