Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have You Missed This?

It really has been a long time since I've written about TV--maybe a year? Last year, I thought my TV-viewing habits may take a permanent dive, but I've been pleasantly surprised since January.

For those of you who haven't been around the Sanatorium for long, I don't really watch TV. I'll turn on HGTV as background noise occasionally, but that's about it.

Except for three shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, and American Idol. Why these three? A few reasons: 1) First and foremost is habit. And I'm like Horton the Elephant--"faithful, 100%." 2) Second and no less important, these programs are almost ALWAYS family friendly. And that's important to me. 3) Third is my competitive nature. I get to pick favorites and see how they do. 4) Fear of what I or my kids might see on one of these newer programs. The advertising for some shows is enough to offend me, so I won't even go there.
The last few seasons have been dismally disappointing. And when Simon Cowell announced he was leaving Idol, I thought it was doomed.  How wrong I was!  JLo and Steven Tyler were great during auditions.  They're not quite as good as actual judges, but the talent this season--WOW!  I can't wait every week to see what they're singing.  I like Scotty McCready and Paul McDonald.  I really like Casey Abrams and I want him to win.  I couldn't appreciate Nirvana last week, but he is crazy talented and fun to watch.

Survivor, Survivor, Survivor.  The granddaddy of them all.  And it's showing its age, that's for sure.  I thought I'd hate this season, but I must admit that I'm firmly behind Boston Rob this time.  He is playing so smart.  It might not hurt that he's surrounded by idiots, but it's still good TV.  And I cheered out loud when Russell left. I hope it's forever.  Can't stand that cocky little guy.

Survivor may be the granddaddy, but Amazing Race is the king.  It is also showing its age, but they were genius bringing back familiar faces this season.  It's funny how I couldn't stand Zev and Justin last time, but this time I pull for them to make it through.  I liked Margie and Luke before, now--eww.  Still don't like the way Ron treats Christina, but what can you do?  I'm torn between the cowboys and the Globetrotters.  Neither are very bright, but they are always positive, always happy, always good.  And I loved watching them all play basketball last time.

My picks to win:
American Idol:  Casey Abrams to win.  Will he? I think he will
Survivor: Boston Rob.  Can he pull it off when they merge?  I don't know.  But there isn't one among them that can outwit him.  Not one.  Love that.
Amazing Race:  As torn as I am, I really REALLY want Jet and Cord to win.  Maybe it's my Idaho roots.  Maybe I have a thing for accents.  Mostly I just want nice guys to finish first, just this once.


  1. I love worship and ADORE Jet and Cord and want them to win it all. If they can't, then I second love and adore Zev and Justin. I think their friendship is just so adorable, and Zev cracks me up! And thirdly, PLEASE the Globetrotters. I LURVE them. I am so happy the red heads are gone, and ticked that the hideous goth couple is still there. BOO! But, i am loving this season.

    Survivor....never watched, enver liked. But, i really don't like boston Rob, from my Amazing Race experience with him.

    Idol....I love Steven Tyler, but I am REALLY missing Simon right now at the judges table. All the judges are just WAY to nice all the time.
    And I'm STUNNED that you like Paul Macdonald. His voice gives me hives. It is just so awful and wierd. But, I do love Scotty and I really love Casey as well. I think there was a lot better talent that they let go, that didn't make the final 13. For the love, WHY must I listen to that obnoxious, over affected Jacob Lusk. he is truly AWFUL!

    Ok, thanks for letting me say my peace.

  2. I can't quite pick a favorite yet, but Casey is definitely on my short list.

    And I'm enjoying Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez for a change. I think Jennifer gives really helpful and honest commentary.


  3. so yeah, simon and ellen were the only reasons i watched any episode of that program last year. i watched the first half of the first episode of this season and turned it off. steven's clinging way too desperately to his youth and is WAY too full of himself, and randy's just stupid. they both irritate the hell outta me. i can't watch it, captain. i don't have the power.

    plus, most of the folks on that show can't sing.

    i checked out a video for each contestant, and only two struck me has having any skill whatsoever -- jason and pia. thia might if she could ever get hold a note steady and belt it. maybe. the rest of'm suck.

  4. I've never watched any of those.
    I'm not a TV watcher and never want it on. I crave silence.....(remember I work in an ER.)

    I am addicted to NCIS. I think the only reason is that Mark Harmon slaps people in the back of the head when they are dumb and I sorta wish I could do that and get away with it.
    Oh, and he has grey hair....I love grey hair.

  5. I too don't watch much tv. With every season, the few I do watch drop off the list.
    I do watch Gkenn Beck on a regular basis. And the Bachelor/ette, though this one may not make the cut this next go around. (I always say that though.)

  6. Survivor and Amazing Race are my family's favorite shows. We really get into them.
    And...I hate to admit it, but Modern Family is also one of our favorites.

  7. LOL. I also love Idol, as do my kids. I am LOVING Steven Tyler. He is hilarious!

    Amazing Race is one of my all time fav programs.

    My kids also love Dancing with the Stars. Very tame and family friendly.

  8. oh boston rob. i just don't know if i can root for him...
    i love casey abrahams, but i'm also a big pia fan. and paul. i love his voice.
    i love the globe trotters, but i know they won't win. i do like the cowboys b/c they never yell at each other. low stress. i don't think i'm rooting for anyone on the race yet. time will tell.

  9. p.s. i love how steven tyler hugs everyone like they are his grandma.

  10. I miss chatting with you about these shows! I'm so glad to hear what you think as the season moves on. 1-A.I. I really like Casey and I like Lauren, I feel like I really should love Paul, but honestly he creeps me out. I love his voice, but he is creepy.
    2-Survivor-LOVE IT! This is my favorite season with Rob on it, I think he's finally playing the game just right. Sooooo glad when Russell lost, could you believe he cried?

    3-the cowboys, of course! With our Oklahoma background we always root for them. Plus they are so nice and such good guys. I really hope they win this time around! I'm with you on Margie and Luke-I wonder if it's the editing or if they really are just more annoying this time around? I was thrilled to say goodbye to the cheerleaders, good riddance!

  11. We don't have a T.V. any more, but those were the same shows I watched. I think I miss Idol the most. I wondered how it was now that Simon wasn't there any more, so thanks for your report. Enjoy them for me, okay?

  12. What is Boston Rob doing on another reality show AGAIN? Does he not do anything except reality shows?

    I don't watch survivor, but I did see a glimpse of him, and since we know him from amazing race, wondered about it.

    And I'm still rooting for those cowboys. I know they can do it.