Thursday, April 21, 2011

All About Attitude

I recognized my shoes on the upper shelf of the closet, taunting me.
Try it.
I found my shorts in the drawer, teasing me.
You'll like it.
I noticed the layer of dust on Petunia's seat, mocking me.
It's been a while.
I saw the tire pump peeking from beneath a pile of garage debris, watching me.
Ya scared?
Admittedly, I was a little scared. It had been nine long weeks since I'd attempted such a feat.

Nine long weeks and
--an introduction to a funny word--scaphoid--and a new world.
--six weeks in a cast.
--three weeks in a full-time brace.

But me? I'm a country girl at heart. I remember the first time I fell off a real horse--I was very young and very small and my brother and I slid off the back of our homeward-bound Lady as she too-quickly turned the corner to the barn.

What I don't remember? When I got back on that horse.  But I did. And I lived.

Me and Petunia, we're like Willie Nelson--
On the road again.

I need to find his Pandora station.

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Jenny Matlock


  1. clearly I missed something not visiting you for a while, I am going to have to go back and catch up...I am glad you got back on the bike though!!!

  2. Yay! Enjoy your rides and the freedom they bring!

  3. Wow I'm impressed :) I haven't caught up with all your recent posts yet....but is your cast off already? It feels too soon still. If it's still on, then I definitely have to give you extra kudos for riding a bike with a cast on your hand!

  4. My favorite part of this post? The picture. You are a crazy lady!

  5. Great read! I am anxious to read backwards - see what I missed!!

  6. good for you!!! Glad that things healed exactly like they were supposed to! I am sure you are glad to be done with the cast!

  7. Thatta girl!
    I still can't get on the horses without thinking, "Am I going to get thrown again today?"
    That cast will soon become a distant memory.

  8. Glad you're back up on that bike again!


  9. Love the post! And loved the picture even more :)

  10. Oh good for you! (and Willy, I just love that man)...

  11. Glad you are up for wonderful spring rides!

  12. Can you share some of that attitude with me? please? Way to go!

  13. Jen you shame me. I need to get out one of the twins (Matching his and hers bikes) and pump up the tires and take her around the block for a test drive. It's been longer that eight weeks for me!
    Enjoy the wind in your hair!~Ames

  14. I wish I still had a bike. When I was younger it was one of my greatest pleasures. GOOD POST!!!!

  15. Love it, love the taunting from the shoes, shorts and Petunia. Great write. Stop in & read A is for Animal

  16. It must feel great to be out and about after your time in a cast/brace.

  17. love the shot.

    the title is perfect.
    Happy Sunday.

  18. Oh hooray, hooray!

    I actually gulped when I saw you were writing about Petunia. I'm glad you did it. I can only imagine how your heart was pounding!

    Be gentle on Petunia and've gone through a lot!

    Thanks for taking us along on your amazing journey into getting back on the horse that bit ya!