Sunday, April 3, 2011

Everyday Miracle, Part 1

Last week I taught a lesson where I challenged my class to find miracles in the everyday. Working from the definition of miracle as "a beneficial event brought about through divine power that mortals do not understand and of themselves cannot duplicate," I've seen my perspective change.

Although there is a funny story that goes along with the removal of my cast on Friday, I can't help but realize anew what a miracle the human hand is. All I longed to do was rotate my wrist around and around, but six weeks of immobilization has rendered that impossible. I feel the intricate harmony required of muscle, bone, ligament, and joint in a way that's unfamiliar. The muscles in my hand have atrophied to a place where I no longer see my own hand, but the hand of my grandmother. Movement is difficult, even painful, in some directions.

All this being said, I am amazed and aware of new things: The sensation of touching this skin that has been unavailable. The unbelievable ingenuity it took to create such a marvelous machine, all parts working together without any conscious thought to achieve a goal--bending the wrist or touching thumb to finger. I have never been so grateful for two opposeable thumbs.

I know it will still be weeks and maybe months until my hand is back to normal. Until I'm back to playing the piano again. Back to typing at full speed again. Back to holding Hyrum's hand as we cross the street. Until I have full range of motion and no pain. Until that time, I am learning appreciation for God's greatest creation--the human body.



  1. it is amazing. Sometimes we don't appreciate things until we don't have them....even things like our hands:)

  2. The hand is am amazing piece of engineering! When I fell a year ago and broke my fingers I went to a hand therapy clinic. Is there such a thing near you? It was a big help to me.

  3. So glad to hear that progress is being made.


  4. I'm pregnant with our third child, and I'm not sure if it's because this is our last, or because I am older, but I am so much more aware of the miracle going on inside my body. Especially now as I come to the end and my body begins preparing for birth. How can anyone doubt the existence of God?

  5. First of all you rocked that birthday party! Love the idea and it looks like the girls did too!

    It is sorta hard to believe thay our very intricate beings we a fluke of nature!

    Glad that cast is off and you are slowly healing!

  6. glad you've got ur hand back friend! let the healing begin!

  7. Well said. Nothing makes you love a body part more than losing it - even for a while.

  8. It's true. The entire body is a miracle and all of its workings.

    Any idea how long you'll need physical therapy?

    Is moving it painful or just stiff?


  9. I love the thought that one day I'll get to know how it all works- that's so cool! The human body is AMAZING.

  10. Jen, First of all... I am so happy the cast is off and you are healing.
    Isn't it amazing how we take these things for granted!
    Six weeks of not moving and look what happened! I needed to read this today to go with my thoughts of MOVING!
    GREAT post!
    Have a pretty day!

  11. Totally amazing. A system of tendons and pulleys and sensation. Ya, hands rock!

    I hope your hand gets back to normal quickly. You keep typing and playing the piano. Great physical therapy!

  12. I know THE BEST physical therapist;)

  13. Soooo glad you are out of the cast and not on your way to surgery! Hope recovery goes speedily. Love the idea of pondering the miracles in our everyday life. So many we just pass by as we watch and wait for the "road to Damascus" in our lives.