Monday, April 25, 2011

Let the Battle Begin!

Dear Friends,
I'm soliciting your opinion.
Please read Tucker's blog entry linked here.

Then, answer the following:

Was I within my motherly rights?
Does a child ever outgrow such invasions?
Is the word "fazed" or "phased"?

I can't wait to hear what you think.

And, in my defense, no one WOULD have noticed if he didn't commence spazzing out.
And, in my defense, it was WORTH it to embarrass my un-embarrassable child.


  1. well within your right as a mother :0 tell him not to be so sensitive haha!

  2. Total crack-up .... Jenny, I totally empathize with your son, but would probably have done *exactly* the same thing. LOVE IT!

  3. phased.
    motherly instinct.
    still embarrassing.
    told him you've probably just been doing it that way since he was 2. habit!
    :) lol

  4. definitely fazed = aze (fz)
    tr.v. fazed, faz·ing, faz·es
    To disrupt the composure of; disconcert.

    Motherly instincts should of told you it was a little weird to be digging around in your sons pants! I have to agree with Tucker I would have been mortified!

  5. Had Tucker been right about his waist size I might have taken his side (and his argument for not knowing his size ("I'm a man") doesn't win him much sympathy; I can tell you the size of just about every piece of clothing I own without hesitation). In the end though, I think it was within your right, if only because it's Tucker. Sorry, Tucker.

    I prefer "phased" even though several online dictionaries say I'm wrong.

  6. It's faze.

    And I can totally see myself doing the same thing...and getting the same reaction!


  7. You were just being a good mom, really it's not that big a deal...except to Tucker I guess! And the dumb man who had to rub it in.

    And I would have said "phased" it looks better....and then I looked it up to check and you're right..."fazed" it is.

    And 3rd-you're right, if he hadn't spazzed out no one would have been the wiser-except the lady behind the counter & she's seen worse before, I'm sure.

    Enjoy your time together!

  8. Totally with in the Mom's bill of rights.

  9. Sorry Jen, I know it seems like I'm the voice of contradiction here, but I'm going to have to side with the kid on this one.
    My son would have refused to acknowledge I was in the same country much less related if I ever did that to him.
    I think it's purely an age thing. I would draw the line at about 10 to 12 for pants perusing.

  10. Yeah... I don't think I would've done that outside the home. Nobody wants their mom fingering their britches in public. On the other hand it's totally understandable since you've been doing it since he was tiny. Hey - you forget that they're 19! I probably would have gotten him the wrong size he insisted on, opened one, oops its wrong, and then made him exchange the others himself because he was so stubborn about knowing his size. The ones that are too big? Trust me - he'll gain some weight over the two years and he'll be glad he has them!

  11. Look - you are on a time line, no time to fuss. Your right!


  12. I sympathize with Tucker. It is a sad thing in motherly life to lose the right to your children's bodies, but it happens.

  13. You changed his diaper for pete's sake. You totally had the right. At the same time, someone is touching his bum. Totally within his right to freak out.

  14. Great! So much fun to read as he relives the embarrassment. Seems like no big deal to me. I love that the man "saw that!"
    At least he won't forget his waist size for a good while!

  15. He is still your little boy. Embarrassing to him, yes, but normal for Moms. Probably won't happen again, especially after he is gone for two years.

  16. Yeah, I have to side with Tucker. I don't think I would even do that to my 8 year old girl. LOL

  17. #1: If you did what I think you did and only check his tag, then YES!

    #2: I don't think so. It seems my mother still knows all about me and my sizes.

    #3: fazed

    #4: I wasn't sure by Tucker's explanation if you were grabbing his buttocks, checking his temperature or merely looking at his tag by his belt line. I am assuming the latter, although his dissertation makes it seem like the formers.

    Sons. Sheesh! ;)

  18. To all those that are commenting "You've seen him naked!" "You changed his diapers! You have every right!" to you I ask how would you feel if your mother came and changed your diaper now? Ok well how about poking her finger in your pants in public?

  19. I would have done it just to get the reaction out of him...which means I do know better. Truly no big deal...except when they make a big deal out of it. That is what makes it funny! I loved his post...and read it to my kids.

  20. SO FUNNY! And sadly, Mother's ALWAYS have the right to do stuff like that. Always.

  21. Oh my word! I definitely needed that laugh! My younger son would probably have flipped out and then walked away from me! Something like that would not have fazed my oldest son at all. I do agree that it is a mom thing but I am rather torn because I am not sure I would check the inside of my son's pants looking for the label while standing in line in such a public place - Shirt label yes.

    ~ Tracy

  22. This made me laugh!
    I walked into my 10 year old sons room when he was changing last week - I did not see "anything" but he said "Mom get out I'm changing!" to which I retorted "So I've seen you naked, I used to change your diapers". To which he said, "Mom my penis was small then now it is HUGE!" Ha Ha Ha - Yes - I left!

    It was a nice reminder that he is modest and his body has changed.

    So I have to side with the son - Even though I totally know it is just motherly instinct - I mean how many years when you were shopping for school clothes did you yank the clothes around and look in the pants right? But now he is grown and must demand respect.
    (My older son would have batted my hand away!)

    I love Tucker's post btw - Very nicely said on his part as well!

  23. Before I had E, I would have sided with Tucker and said it was a total invasion of privacy, especially if my mom did that to me. HOWEVER, I have to agree that it's a mom instinct because I do that ALL THE TIME to E when we are out and I need to check her diaper. It doesn't even faze me that I'm doing that in public. :)

  24. It's been interesting reading the opinions on this post! I'm with you! It is your parental right to embarrass him. :)

    Though I think his response was right too. I'm guessing most men (young or old) would have reacted like Tucker at having that done in public, even if it was their wife doing it. :)