Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've Been Thinking . . . Again

I tallied up the picture votes, and 4 and 7 were the winners--by a mile. Then, I had some unexpected free time on my hands, and I figured out how to do a slide show, so I included all of them on my sidebar! Whaddaya think?

I know I vowed that I would be back to normal Monday. I've actually been pretty good--until today. Somehow, Sunday was hard. My dear friend, whose son left the same day, got a letter on Saturday (and I didn't), and that started the floodgates. Sigh. Roller coaster.

Complete change of thought here 
("SQUIRREL!!"--name that movie)

I've been thinking, and I have a question that I would like you to also think about and then post about. Here's the question:

What are the most important things I need to teach my children? What are the principles that will lead them to being productive, independent, spiritual adults?

You can be as narrow as the most important thing or as broad as a list. Come back on Wednesday to link up. I think this could be a very enlightening linky party. I would love to hear what other mothers deem as most important.



  1. since my power cord is dying and I don't know if I'll have another one by Wednesday I'll just tell you now. To me, with my kids, the one item that seems to lead to all growth, both personal and spiritual is respect. When you learn to respect, you learn to listen, really listen. At least that's what I strive for with my tribe.

  2. I should have voted - cause, for me, 6 wins by a mile. oh well. Your question - well, I think it is different for each mother/parent. We are all given gifts. We need to learn what our gifts are - and using those gifts teach them and - learn from our kids what their gifts are - and teach them how to use them and share them. Ok. This is why I don't comment. My mind only makes sense to me! But I want you to know what a dear friend you are and I love the gifts you share with me - your incredible knowledge and understanding of scriptures and the gospel, your passion for life and family and your ability to bring peace and happiness through music. Not to mention that you can handle a lot more at once than I ever could! Have a great week! Enjoy the first letter!

  3. the movie you'r referencing is UP ... the dogs that have the translation collars would shout "squirrel" whenever they saw one - very funny stuff ;-)

  4. ok i kept trying to vote...blogger was being a pain. my vote was 7

    maybe it was lost in the mail....

  5. The title immediately made me think of "Beauty and the Beast" (Gaston says something similar to that & the reply is "a dangerous pastime") it's a family joke.

    And then I smiled when you referenced "UP" such great movies.

    Love your question, I'll have to think on that. Can't wait to see what answers you get, you've already had some good replies.

    And to Lori-you're silly, I totally got what you were saying! It was wise and good advice, just what I would expect from you.

  6. gratitude

    At least, that is what I hope is the big takeaway for my kids.

  7. Great solution with the slide show. I'll try to come up with a post and link up, though I'm going to the dentist today about a tooth that may be trouble, so no promises.

    I can never think straight when my teeth hurt.


  8. Movie: Up. (Loved that movie...) I'm reliving my boyonamission days through you. I promise you it gets better. In the big picture, as long as it's not too long between letters/emails, be happy that he's busy, engaged, and engrossed in what he's doing, rather than focusing on homesickness. You've raised a good young man and he'll make you proud. Looking forward to Wednesday.

  9. Up- Dug= my bear dog. We love that movie.

    I think just doing it the way God does it wins. Start with teaching obedience, the sacrifice, then the gospel, etc. And once they get the hang of one start helping them learn to live the next one, and wham you get a responsible, spiritual adult.

  10. The most important thing I think we need to teach our children is respect. For ourselves and for others. And I believe the way to teach it most effectively is by example. By treating others with kindness and empathy, by forgiving, by being thankful and apologetic. I think that respect is the basis for almost everything.

    movie - UP! Love that movie. :)

  11. honesty. i feel that when honesty has been truly grasped in a child's life, the rest just falls into place. that doesn't mean we don't still have to make an effort in all departments of teaching & helping them mold their character. i'm just saying that honesty paves the way for a smoother understanding & application of all other principles Heavenly Father needs each of us to gain a testimony of. ::hugs::