Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Supernal Joys of Life

I taught the women of our Church on Sunday, using talks on parenting (Lynn Robbins), families (Richard Maynes) and marriage (Richard Scott) from last General Conference (click here for more information).
My favorite quote was this from Elder Scott:
"I was awakened as I felt two little arms around my neck, a kiss on the cheek, and these words whispered in my ear, which I will never forget: 'Dad, I love you. You are my best friend.' If you are having that kind of experience in your family, you are having one of the supernal joys of life."

This has left me thinking and trying to recognize those supernal joys in my life--like these two little ladies:

We are so lucky in our lives. We are so blessed. We should be so happy.

What are the supernal joys of your life?


  1. Went and say Larry Crowne last night. . .soooooo good! Thanks for the heads up!

    Love that first one where little Ellie is smiling. ..priceless!

  2. I love these photos of Ellie and Evie together :) They're both so beautiful! I'm amazed at how well behaved they are for the photos. If it was my E, she would have been running off to play after the first photo!

  3. Beautiful.
    My joy?....a call each morning from my son who lives on the other side of the continent - always with a story of something our two little grandsons have just done. My supernal joys are in being kept a part of their everyday lives despite the distance.

  4. Awwww Aunt Evie, so cute.
    That paragraph brought a little sting to my eyes. Now that is life's "supernal joy" indeed.

  5. One of my supernal joys is in labor with another of my soon to be supernal joys. I'll let you know how it goes.

  6. Those are darling pictures!
    Love little Aunt Evie holding sweet Ellie! They are both growing so fast.

    I bet your lesson was awesome.

    Supernal joys....sitting in the temple with three sons as the youngest one got married. There were days I didn't think I'd ever see it.

  7. Those two are about as supernally joyful as it gets!


    PS. My greatest joys (surprise, surprise) are my children and grandchildren. How I love them! I can tear up just writing the words.

    PPS. I also love the peace and beauty of nature in all its forms.

    PPPS. And I love the Church, from the most superficial aspects to the eternal ones.

  8. So so beautiful! I just know they are going to be the best of friends!
    Have a happy day

  9. Love the darling pictures of Aunt Eve and Ellie.

  10. Oh your sweet baby now looks so huge compared to your sweet grandbaby. That is so much joy and beauty. xo

  11. Those are two sweet little girls. You certainly are blessed. I just had my gwammaw fix from my own little granddaughter. I feel blessed too!~Ames

  12. Eve looks like she is holding herself as a baby!!!!! wow! how adorable!