Friday, August 5, 2011

Foto Friday--Flowing Lake, Washington

A few of the best pictures from our trip. Of course, Evie made the cut.

Hyrum loved the sand and palled around with a few cute girls.
Micah fell into the lake fully clothed, thinking that he would be fine. He came to a quick conclusion that water in Washington is cold. Once his suit was on, he didn't care any more.
Ben disappeared with teenagers the whole time and Brad manned the camera so no pictures them. And Lily and Daisy were off in their own world somewhere. But I was there.
We're gonna love this last weekend of summer--get every second of fun we can out of it.


  1. i'm so jealous of the long sleeves and ice cold river. our 109 temps are killing me

  2. love that last photo!!

    I can't believe you are already almost finished with summer. We have until labor day, but I still feel the need to squeeze all the fun we can into it, because pretty soon, the snow will be flying!

  3. Bring on the cooler weather! Oh, and after having 13 spot frozen by the Dermatologists yesterday....I'm really ready for less sunny days. At least until next year.~Ames

  4. Those are cute pictures.
    The last one totally fits your blog name!!!

  5. The photographer never gets in any of the shots!

  6. What a great trip! You all look like you had so much fun - especially you in the last photo!

  7. That little Evie is really photogenic.

    Glad you guys got to close out the summer in such a fun way.


  8. ooo, I sense that Evie's going to have quite the mischievous spirit in her when she's a little older :)