Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foto Friday on Saturday--First Football of the Fall

Where did we spend our night, eating this delicious dinner of champions?
Watching the first Heritage Academy football game of the season, that's where!
It was literally 113 degrees that day, so we were grateful for the dark (primary reason AZ doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time).
Evie loved every second of the game, laughing and running with her brothers.
Hyrum, on the other hand, couldn't resist rolling down the hill.  Consequently, every loose piece of grass stuck to his sweaty body and made him unendurably itchy.  Unfortunately, that meant Mom and the two little kids headed home at halftime for baths and bed.
Micah and Lily stayed until the end--Heritage winning 40-0 and Ben closing the game with a hard hit on the receiver.  Wish I'd seen that.
Wish I had a single picture of Ben . . . 

Have a safe weekend.  We're watching Hurricane Irene and wondering about our missionary on Long Island.  Hope you're all safe, if you can't stay dry.


  1. It seems to early for football but I guess the fall season sports are here!! I hope the fall weather comes soon too.

    Congrats to Ben on closing the game out like a Champ!!

  2. Loved seeing your picture! And Evie is so big!! Come up to our hurricane party! :)

  3. fun pics...the heat not so much. but i can relate a lil..its 107 here

  4. It looks like a lot of fun. Sorry you missed that Ben action!
    The kids all looked like they were having a great time.

    How is it possible to be football already? Aren't we still supposed to be lighting off fireworks? I hate how fast the summer has gone!

  5. Look at Evies hair all growing long enough for wee pig tails. LOVE it! You are such better people than I, sitting in that awful heat. Way to go Ben on hard hits and winning the game.
    Finally.....Tuck is on Long Island? (clearly i'm behind in letter reading) where is he? I have good friends that live there.

  6. Evie is adorable. It is just wrong to have football in this heat, though.

  7. Evie looks so grownup all of a sudden! And how did your missionary fare during the hurricane? I see I wasn't the only one glued to the Weather Channel.

  8. Those are seriously the best pictures! I never seem to be able to capture moments like those.

  9. Yay for Football season. WE hope to make it to a game next Friday! Loving it!