Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Q Is for Quik Trip

Quick trip. And I don't mean the convenience store.

It's over thirteen hours to drive to Twin Falls, Idaho--my hometown. Where I grew up and all my childhood memories dwell. I love going up there. However, I don't enjoy driving up on Thursday and driving back to AZ on Monday. Twenty-seven hours in the car, eating junk food, listening to Harry Potter, and occasionally mediating a disagreement or two. Twenty-seven hours in exchange for 72 hours of family reunion.

It was worth every second.  Here's an abridgement of the weekend:

Food. And soda.  And candy.  How could we have a family reunion without the candy guessing game? (Or Grandma's homemade caramels?)
Lots of swimming.  And cliff jumping.  And sand.  Eww.  Sand.  (If you're unaware of my sand issue, click here.)
Cousin games.  Sam and Heidi planned some fun activities, and the kids had a blast. No permanent injuries were sustained, but I'm afraid there are quite a few competitive genes in the Tucker family.

And of course, adult games.  My brother-in-law discovered a vintage Jarts game in his grandpa's basement.  Of course, this game is now no longer made because the darts are considered so dangerous, but we tossed and dodged for the better part of the afternoon.

I left for Seattle on July 23rd.  We flew home on July 29th, and upon arrival home, I snatched up my pre-packed bag and left for Girls' Camp.  Got home on Monday morning August 1st, and promptly left again on Thursday morning.  We got home late afternoon on Monday, August 8th. In all that time, I didn't even get a chance to unpack my overnight bag.  Thirteen nights away from home in seventeen days.  It was exhausting.  It was long.  It threw everyone's schedule off kilter.  It made us kinda grumpy and mostly happy. 

Summer's swan song.  Thanks, Summer 2011.  You were definitely one we'll remember.

I know I've been AWOL the last few weeks from your blogs.  I've been keeping up with you, just no time to comment.  I'm planning on getting back into my full life this weekend.  I've missed you.

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  1. Well one of these days when you pop into Twin Falls (and it's not a family reunion) let me know and I'll meet up with you there!!

  2. looks like a lot of fun except the driving part Great post

  3. HA! and you survived it all !!!

    I'm heading that way next month, to BUHL for the first time. Can't wait to see the beauty of Idaho..

    Ok, back to you...I'm laughing my butt off cause it's someone else with all the kids piled in a car doing something crazy! And I love it :)

    And that everyone had a fantastic time. And that you'll be doing it again somewhere in the future....

    Oh yes you will.

    Carry on :)

  4. Looks like lots of fun for a quick trip. Lovely summery pictures!

  5. You have had many quick trips just in short span of time.

  6. You've been to Idaho so many times you could almost take up citizenship again!

    Looks like some fun times. Nothing better than family reunions.

    Good thing no one sustained a mortal injury with the darts game. Scary.

    Cute pictures. Everyone of them.

  7. What crazy travelling you've been doing! We just got back from a 16 day ended with 4 days of driving. We had a blast though, and it sounds like you did too!
    I love your school shopping tradition - I should try that this year! I've got 5 days before school starts, and 4 kids going back to school.

  8. Your life has been like mine in the past month. Nothing but travel. I haven't been in my home ward for 4 Sundays, and I won't be again (brother's wedding this weekend). After that, I go to Matt and Heather's, and then another wedding.

    I'll be glad to see "boring" come around again!


  9. I started my summer that way, two trips close together and no unpacking in between...

    it was fun and exhausting! I'm ready for another trip though!!!

  10. It's definitely the things that are most exhausting that give us the most memories!

  11. Fun summers trump commenting on blogs - yours looks like it's been one that everyone will talk about for years. Good for you!

  12. Wow you have been busy! Looks like a fun reunion though.

  13. Glad you could put the long time on the road behind the great reunion time you had! Sounds like you've been very busy!

  14. Yes, it was a great time and I am so glad your family braved the horrid travel to join in. Such a great time and even the weather cooperated. Thanks for coming. Good memories.

  15. You seemed to have had a great time and survived the traveling time! Great post, wonderful photos. Have a terrific weekend and thanks for sharing, Anne

  16. You have had the busiest summer! I can't believe your kids are back to school already! Love your back to school post.

  17. Gotta love IF!!! and man do I have a special place for the QT as well;)

  18. Sounds like you had a great summer!

  19. Gosh, I think it would be almost worth the 27 hours for the home-made caramel!

    Okay, and all the family stuff, too!

    This was such a fun visit. Love the water and the greenery! It looks so much cooler than here. Actually, I think anyplace might be cooler than here!

    Thanks for a fun stop this week.


  20. It was definitely a quick trip! But it was definitely worth all that driving just to be near family for a few days, right?