Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer 2011--What I Learned from You, Part 1

"There's 104 days of summer vacation . . . "

One thing I learned this summer was to enjoy my funny kids a little bit more. 

More often than not, this was the scene in Lily's room:
Little brothers sprawled randomly across the floor or in a chair or in her bed.
And I caught Lily like this a few times as well:
She knows she can't see the movie until she finishes the book.  She's getting there, squeezing every last reading moment into each day.

My kids are funny. Here are a just a few gems from the last couple of months:

When I picked Ben up from a football workout, he ran up to the Suburban, jumped up on the hood and rolled across it like a stunt man.  I commented, "Your workout must not have been hard enough if you have that much energy."  To which he replied, "I'm just a naturally exuberant guy."

When Lily begged for a $2 snow cone at a dive meet and I commented at how overpriced they were, she replied, "Just a guy with a cart, trying to make a living."

When I refused to hang ropes from the basement ceiling for the kids to play on, Micah replied, "That's pathetic!" (More on this later.)

When we walked across the library parking lot and saw a smashed rat (no joke!), Hyrum replied, "Poor rat."

Hyrum was correcting his dad, and Micah directed: "Hyrum, don't correct adultery."
Dad said he thought that it might be okay to correct adultery, just not adults.

Sometimes you just have to laugh or you just might cry.


  1. You've had a wonderful summer with your kids, no doubt about it. Are you sad to see school start, or relieved?

  2. It's a good think you're blogging these because you don't ever want to forget!

  3. Those are cute moments - It is good to get them down so you remember them.

    I SO wish blogging had been around when my older kids were little. I did scrapbooking and I know I got some stuff down but I would have had alot more!

    The adultery comment is hilarious!

  4. So glad you are writing these down. Then they'll NEVER be forgotten!

  5. Hilarious!
    Sounds like things might be boring at your house.........if it weren't for the kiddos.

    Too funny.
    Like Cherie I wish blogging would have been around when I was a young mom. It would have been fabulous to keep these things written down.

  6. The reading pic is my favorite.

  7. i love that lily couldn't see harry until she'd read the book first.

    and that she said that bit about the cart and the guy trying to make a living.