Friday, September 9, 2011

Foto Friday--Finally Preschool Starts!

The day he's waited for . . . for forever!
The final link on the chain was cut, clothes laid out, and Hyrum started school!

This is the picture I got when I asked him to just give me a normal smile where I could see his teeth:
3'4" 33 lb.
Favorite food:  mac and cheese
Favorite movie:  Harry Potter 4
Favorite TV show:  America's Got Talent
Favorite thing to do:  follow Micah everywhere and act as big as he is
Favorite song:  "Sunbeam" and "Firework" by Katy Perry

His outfit cracked me up.  He didn't get any new clothes for school since he got all of Micah's old clothes.  He only got new running shoes and white undershirts.  Since the shirt was new, he felt like it deserved a day of its own.

School had a few surprises:
 Micah had told Hyrum all about the honey tree--where the potty is.  Here, Mrs. M is explaining the rules--and how the door doesn't lock so you have to knock first!

Computers!  Yay! and the biggest surprise of all?
There is another Hyrum in his class!  What are the odds of that?  So now there's the brown-eyed Hyrum and the blue-eyed Hyrum.

Mrs. M makes all of their backpacks and folders and orients the class around "learning bears"--including one of their very own (that's their favorite color) who shows up in their bags on the first day and gets to come home with them!

Admittedly, I was a little sad to see him walking off, all grown up and stuff.
He never looked back.  My littlest boy doesn't need me any more.  Before I know it he'll be reading.  And liking girls.



  1. He looks adorable in his baggy shorts, a combination of tough guy and vulnerability, especially in that backpack.

  2. I always look at him and think that he and Bryce would be great buddies.


  3. Oh, Jenny, that's just crazy! I can't believe he's off to Preschool, I bet he is so happy. It will be odd for you to just have Evie at home, even if it's just a couple of hours at a time. Hope you enjoy those hours with her!

  4. How you jumped from Reading to Liking girls cracked me up. Hopefully this won't transpire over the next few months.

  5. Its good that they don't look back, huh?!? But it sure would be nice if they missed us just a smigde? Lydia was off like a shot and hasn't slowed down since.

    Only Evie at home. . .I bet its quiet around there!

  6. "Sniff" is right! It just comes way too fast!

  7. He looks to be 100% ready - and I'll bet that Mum will never be 100% ready, but you are 100% supportive and realistic. Good job raising kids to be that secure!
    re your comment on the fire: the trees here stay green all year, but the forests floor is dry, dry, dry. When a fire starts the trees go up like candles or torches but first a fire can burn for a long time in the moss. Even after the flames are put out the fire fighters stay on because the fire burns underground. It's this island - it rains and rains, but all of the water rolls off and into the ocean (very simplistic, but true) and after only a week without rain we are in dangerous conditions.

  8. Harry Potter 4??!!! I would have guessed Star Wars!

  9. Aww, he's all grown up now. It's so hard to believe how quickly time passes. I love the clothes he chose for his first day :) It's so laid back and he looks like he's ready to go play some basketball after school is over. So cute!

    His preschool sounds pretty awesome. I hope that he's enjoying his time there :) Looks like a place I wouldn't mind going every day.

    How's Evie doing with the lack of Hyrum's absence? I'm sure she's noticed that she's the only one around the house when everyone's at school.

  10. brennan didn't even look back when i dropped him off at his first day of preschool. i am so glad b/c the moms wih the crying kids have to spend a lot more time at drop off than i do:)

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