Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanks for the Help

To all of you who commented on my post Friday, thanks.

Myke:  My standard lens is a 15-85 mm, and I usually love it, but maybe I need to mix it up a little bit. Just dug around in the camera bag and found a 50 mm.  I'll try that one this week. I've also tried the sharpening feature, but then the pictures just become more pixelated, and that is intolerable.  As a side note, your post-script on your Neil Diamond post today was hilarious!  Seriously.  Click here to read it.

Diana:  I'm going to visit her site this week--that sounds like a good idea, and I'll look into that book.  A side note:  I've lost your blog.  Help me!

Taralynn:  Your comment cracked me up, because I actually bought that book this week!  Advice:  it's $10 to download and $20 to have it sent.  I paid the $10, and it cost me $8.40 at Americopy to print and bind.  Not a money saver, but you know impatient me!

Kara:  I'm bringing my camera and lenses to the park tomorrow, so consider your offer accepted.

Gabe:  I'm going to follow her lessons.  Your pictures speak for themselves.

Sloan, Jen, Pondside, Me Too, Amy, Em:  Thanks for the positivity.  What really matters is that I captured the moment, right?

And here are a few pictures Lily took of Evie in the bath.  She's got a knack for the camera, that girl!

Don't know what Lily had been feeding her to turn her tongue that color . . .


  1. My family blog is, it says that you are still "invited" but if you can't get in, let me know and I'll resend the invitation. Also, my photography site is and you can link to my photo blog from there. GOOD LUCK! :o)

  2. How cool is it that her tongue is the same colour as the jar on the tub. It's like it's been photoshopped. Great shots!

  3. Good luck with the 50mm, that's the only lens I use on my camera. And thanks for the shout-out, I'm glad you thought it was funny!

  4. she is just so stinkin' cute - always!