Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update: Guest Bathroom

My heart has been overtaken with redoing stuff lately: Finding treasures at the auction, redecorating and rearranging. I promised I'd reveal my guestroom, but I wanted to wait until Heidi came and saw it in person. Then, I got caught up being the grandmotherly figure around here. Now I have no excuse except this one: I haven't edited all the pictures yet. So I thought I'd tease you with a few shots of my redone guest bathroom.

Why is it that my redo pictures never quite seem to do the project justice?  I think I need photo/design class.

I'm stewing over whether I should paint the vanity or not--probably a soft green, like the towels? Or maybe black, to match the tile?  I know Brad's response will be "NO FREAKING WAY!" but I'm still thinking.

I found the towel basket/pegs at TJMaxx.  How much do you love that store?
Here's a closer shot.  I love how it holds all the towels where guests can find them.
I insisted on neutral throughout the house when it came to hard surfaces.  This checkerboard matches whatever my little brain can conjure.  Do you see me in the reflection?
I searched and searched and searched for a tray for the counter.  When I found this one, I knew I had it.
And just a few luxuries--no-stress bath salts, loofah scrubber, sea sponges.
Breakdown of supplies:

Wire shelf:  TJMaxx $59
Towels:  Target $25
Tray: Ross $10
Rugs: TJMaxx $40
Shower curtain: Target $20
Small retractable mirror: $9 IKEA
Soaps, scrubbers and salts:  TJMaxx $20

I don't venture very far out of my little shopping world, do I?

I still need to sew three rows of grosgrain ribbon on the bottom of the shower curtain. And some little arty thing for the wall above the outlets. And I want to know your opinion on painting the vanity?


  1. I say go for it and paint the vanity. Black might actually be very cool

  2. It looks great. I would go with the black. Can't wait to see the other renovations.

  3. I like it! I just am not brave when it comes to projects... how do I learn to have vision?

  4. I would just be happy with a guest bathroom. :) looks great!

  5. Love it jen!!
    Oh how I adore all those stores you listed. Guess we run in the same shopping circles huh??:)
    have a happy day

  6. I wouldn't paint the vanity, it will just stress you (and Brad) out, and it looks great now. I love the colors, looks so calming. The mirror on the wall made me smile, I seem to remember seeing a similar one somewhere! :)

  7. Beautiful job. My husband freaks out when I mention painting wood too. It causes him physical pain.

  8. I would not paint the cabinets. In my own experience--they don't hold up well to wear and tear. The paint will wear off on corners and where you grab--even with handles and knobs.
    I think it will look nicer for longer to keep your beautiful wood just the way it is. That's my opinion.

  9. I LOVE TJ Maxx. And I mostly avoid it, for just that reason.


  10. Looking good! To paint or not to paint. That is the question. I'm sitting on the fence over here.

  11. PAINT IT! No question there. I like the idea of the green. i need to paint my vanity too, which just is not all that appealing. I assume that's the downstairs bathroom. I've never seen it before, hehe.

  12. Vanity: soft green. That would be pretty. Black will be dramatic and it COULD work, but it might be a little harsh. Hard to say without actually seeing the bathroom.

  13. I really want to redo my kids bath this year....it doubles as a guest bath...kind of just because most of the guests sleep in Emily's room. I love the towel rack/basket. I also love the rug. A couple of years ago we painted our white vanity dark brown and we really like it! Black would be my choice here...but yours looks good enough to leave as it is!

  14. I think it's looking pretty good! Can't seem to imagine the black for the vanity but the green sounds nice too :) I love that towel basket you bought. It's so cute and it's functional! Oh and that checkerboard pattern for the shower...it's amazing! I would have never thought I'd like seeing such contrasting colors in my bathroom but I think it totally works! I love it :)

    I think your photos came out pretty good. Maybe you need to adjust the white balance a little since the photos are coming out yellow (due to the light). And maybe stepping farther back out of the bathroom or using a wide angle lens would help get more of the room in your shots too. (sorry, I went all photographer mode when you mentioned the need for a photo class)

  15. i LOVELOVELOVE this bathroom. particularly the black and white tile.