Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who, What, Where, When, Why and woH Thrown in

For a W post this week, I thought I'd take advantage of an audience all across the country and ask a few questions to which I'm curious to know the answers:

WHO are you listening to these days?  My kids are constantly playing Bruno Mars, One Republic, and Katy Perry's Firework.  Evie's favorite song is N-Sync's "Bye-Bye-Bye," primarily because she can dance and sing the lyrics.

WHAT is your go-to app on your phone?  Mine used to be Pandora, but I've had a lot of problems with it lately, so I downloaded I heart Radio, and I have better luck with that.  I do have Mousetrap on there as well, and when we were watching the challenge on "Survivor" last night, Micah and I at the same time yelled, "That's mousetrap!"  Apps that can increase your odds of winning "Survivor."  My kind of app.

WHERE do you do most of your grocery shopping?  Names of regional stores are interesting to me, because we have the "Fry's" chain here, and that sounded so weird to me when we moved here but now it's just normal.  I've been doing most of my shopping at Sam's Club lately, since it's close and I can load up on milk and bread and produce.  My go-to grocery store?  Safeway.  It's not even the closest to my house, but it was the closest to my old house and I know where everything is. Irony?  We moved eleven YEARS ago.  Old habits die hard, friends.

WHEN do you blog Do you set aside a consistent time to write your posts, or do you squeeze it in whenever you have a spare second?  I usually write my posts during the day then save them so I can proof them that night before the world can read my brilliance.  I read others' blogs when I can squeeze in a spare moment--between naps, spelling tests, cooking dinner, etc.

WHY do you blog?  Is it primarily for family and friends, are you an aspiring writer, or are you just so dang brilliant (like me) that your ideas need to be shared with the world?  This is an interesting question, one that could spur a series of posts for me.  I'd like to hear your answers.

woH much do you pay for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk where you live?  woH much bread and milk do you go through a week?  Good bread around here is about $2.50-3.00 a loaf on sale, and milk is about $2.59 regular price.  I did pay 88 cents a gallon a couple of weeks ago at Fry's, and you'd think I'd won the lottery that day.  And we drink about 5-6 gallons of skim a week, depending on how much cereal we eat that week. We average about a loaf of bread a day on weekdays--so many lunches going to school--and one on the weekend, so about six loaves a week.  I need to get back in the habit of just throwing one in the bread machine every morning.  Note to self.

Can't wait to hear your responses!

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  1. 1. Jack Johnson
    2. Trip Tracker..(to see when steve's plane has landed :)
    3. Split between Trader Joes, Hannafords, Shaws
    4. EARLY in the morning
    5. To remember
    6. 3.50 for a loaf of my Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain
    and I'm afraid to say what I pay for my milk..we have it delivered..$4.50 + delivery for gallon of organic milk. We don't go through more than one a week though...we're not big milk drinkers here.

  2. When I saw you were from Denton, I thought NO WAY!! I have family in Denton. I have a cousin in the Denton school district. Awesomesauce. You may understand some of my answers ;)

    Who- 106.1 KISS (nonstop music Mondays!) I listen to music a lot like your kids I guess! And since I heart radio is from

    What- oh my. I have so many. I use a lot of them. I'll just have to say all of them hahaha

    Where- Well, the family's groceries mostly come from HEB (there are 2 in DFW that I know of, one in our town :) yay!). I've never been to Fry's, but I've seen them. My family in Denton goes to Safeway.

    When- whenever I feel the impulse to. Ever since graduating from UT Arlington, I've been doing work applications, studying for the licensing exam for social work, and blogging when I feel like it in between.

    Why? Because I just feel like writing sometimes I guess. That might be something that might inspire a post. Hmm.

    woH- I just now understood this (slow....)- probably about the same, but we don't go through as much bread and milk. One gallon of milk will last until the expiration date, a loaf of bread will last a week or so.

    For some reason I've found a lot of Texans on this list....but you're the closest one to where I am. Intriguing.......

  3. That was fun to read.

    I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has had trouble with Pandora. I'll have to check out the one you use

    Wow! That's a lot of bread! I remember those days though.

  4. Are you interested in international answers? If so;
    1. I'm a dinosaur. I listen to oldies, Chopin, Brahms and when I really want to break out, old discs of pianist Glen Gould.
    2. No APS - just a Blackberry to which I'm chained for work. The last thing I want to do is commune with my phone for anything. I want people!
    3. Thrifty's, Safeway.
    4. Early in the morning, late at night
    5. Sometimes I blog for evidence that there's life apart from work. Sometimes it's an outlet like no other. I express things on my blog that I don't say aloud - I think most people I know would be very surprised that I blog.
    6. Good loaf of great Cdn $4.50 (it is presently just about at par with the US$) and 4 litres of mild for $5.49 - 4 litres roughly equal a US gallon.

  5. 1. Maroon 5
    2. Don't have a cool enough phone for Apps.
    3. WinCo/Costco
    4. Don't have the time
    5. I read other's instead
    6. $2.50 for a loaf of Grandma Sycamore's on sale, $2.12 for 1 gal of whole. We go through about 4 loaves and 4 gallons a week.

  6. 1. soul surfer soundtrack and GLEE songs that made me cry when i watched the episode.
    2. facebook. the train wreck i must constantly check.
    3. harmon's and costco.
    4. late at night, which often has me rewritting in the morning b/c i've let my emotions get away with me late at night.
    5. b/c i don't have the patience for scrapbooking.
    6. i buy aspen mills honey whole wheat b/c it has 4 ingredients, all of which i can pronounce. i get two loaves from costco for around $4 or 5 dollars. i buy 4 packages of 2 and freeze the extra ones. we splurge and get winder dairy milk, which is a local dairy here in utah. my mom used to get it when i was a kid. they deliver to your door. you can now buy it in the stores for less, but they don't sell the skim milk in stores so i pay the extra bucks to have it delivered. I LOVE HOME DELIVERY and it is worth every penny. all $6/gallon we pay. i know, crazy, but it really is the best milk on the planet. actually it was rated 2nd best milk in the world at the world dairy expo this month. it's REALLY REALLY good milk:)

  7. WHO are you listening to these days? In the car I skip all over my Sirius radio stations. Country, Classic Vinyl, Oldies. At home a mixed variety of CD’s that range from classical Paul Potts to Enigma.

    WHAT is your go-to app on your phone? Besides my email and text? Words with Friends and Earthquake Alert! For real! I check it several times a day. I like to see what part of the Earth is rocking and rolling.

    WHERE do you do most of your grocery shopping? Aldi’s. But something’s I buy at Publix and some things at Winn Dixie. Very rarely do I go to Wal~Mart. I have to be pretty desperate to go there.

    WHEN do you blog? Late at night, and early in the morning.

    WHY do you blog? I love to write, and it has been a great way to meet people that have same interest in common.

    woH much do you pay for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk where you live? Milk is $2.99 a gallon for Hormone free milk at Aldi’s. It’s $5.09 at Publix.I don't like milk but the husband does. Aldi's brand Twelve grain bread is $1.79.

    woH much bread and milk do you go through a week? One gallon of milk last us two weeks. A loaf of bread two weeks, but I freeze it so I use about a half a loaf a week. It’s just the two if us.~Ames

  8. Answers from the UK:
    1. Who - 30 seconds to Mars, Matt Kearney, some Christian worship stuff, some classical...
    2. What are apps? (My phone came out of the ark. I'm waiting for it to die so I can upgrade!)
    3. Mainly, Sainsbury's because they do loads of fairtrade stuff.
    4. Generally, before work or before sleep or a spare moment grabbed during the day.
    5. I love to write and wanted an outlet that was totally non-work related. I've also discovered that I take loads more photos now.
    6. Milk = 4litres for £3 and bread, anything between 70p and £1.20 depending on the quality of the loaf.

  9. good ??s that would take me six lengthy posts to reply! I didn't know I would enjoy writing a blog so much; I started a few years ago bec. I was marketing my homemade jewelry... {:-D

  10. 1. Josh Radin, but I still keep a steady diet of 60s music going.

    2. I'm not into the apps that much yet, and the only one I've used is the flashlight one. I've only had the thing for a month...

    3. Whole Foods and Safeway, with an occasional run at Trader Joe's and Costco.

    4. In the morning, early.

    5. I blog because I love to write, because I want to print the whole thing out as family history, and because I love the dialogue and friendships that ensue.

    6. Hate to admit it on both, because I've been buying organic lately.


  11. Gosh, what fun and interesting answers.

    Okay, let's see.

    Who? I'm kind of into Smoosh and Lady Antebellum.

    What? No aps at all. I have a plain old phone and that's good enough for me. Technically challenged here...big time.

    Where? TJ's, Sprouts and wherever the best coupons are

    When? Every morning and late afternoon

    Why? Writing discipline. Distraction from real life.

    Bread? Rarely buy it. I try to be almost 100 percent gluten free. Milk wherever it's on sale!


    This was interesting.

    Thanks for a wonderful set of questions!


  12. Who: Gosh, this one is going to be a little weird since we listen to a log of Japanese pop music these days. However, on my iPhone, I have Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Pepper and Katy Perry.

    What: Hmm, this one is tricky. I have a lot of apps on my phone but the ones I use most of the time is the kindle app and app. Makes for great reading material on the train :)

    Where: I actually have grocery delivered to my home since the closest market is about 2 miles away and walking there and back isn't always that much fun. When I do need to go to the store, though, I go to Maretsu mini. If I need some fresh vegetables quickly, I go to the little mom 'n pop store behind our building. If we need milk or any sundries, we go to the convenient store next door to us.

    When: Oh, I blog whenever I can get the time to or if I think of something to write about. I normally aim for at least one night a week where I would sit down and write a post but it takes me ages to write up something and then proof it. I try to squeeze in blog reading time whenever I get a chance to or if I haven't already passed out from exhaustion.

    Why: Oh, this is an interesting I have been pondering about for a while now and will probably need to write a post on one day. I did start primarily for friends and family to keep updated on our lives in Tokyo. These days, I'm not quite sure. I'll have to get back to you on this :)

    woH: Hmm, well our milk comes in liters here and it costs about 250 yen (roughly) per carton. Converting that to US measurements, that's about $3.25 for about 1/4 of a gallon. The biggest bread loaves you can get here come in 8 thin slices for about 350yen which is about $4.55.

    It's interesting how much more expensive things are here, huh?