Friday, October 7, 2011

Foto Friday--Two Tests

Two tests today:
One trip with Micah confirmed what my mother instinct had already told me:
Four weeks in a cast and two weeks in a splint.  At least it's not summer and I have to try keeping him out of the pool.  Funniest thing at the doctor (same doctor who treated Micah's broken leg two years ago--they're buddies).  After Micah had relayed his dog poop humiliation along with the agony of a broken arm:

Dr. P:  Micah,  knock, knock?
Micah:  Who's there?
Dr. P:  Europe.
Micah: You're a poo?

They were both laughing hysterically.  Then, completely out of nowhere--

Micah:  Knock, knock?
Dr. P:  Who's there?
Micah:  Phillip.
Dr. P:  Fill a poo?

Micah made that one up on the spot, and Dr. P and I were rolling on the floor, impressed by his brilliance.

Test #2:
image from here

In honor of my friend Catherine in NZ who is fighting through her last few treatments of breast cancer, I decided it was time to join the club--the mammogram club.  I've been nursing babies or pregnant, and at 42, it was finally my turn to get smooshed. It's October.  Remember your mammogram.

Have a great weekend.  I will.  It's been 75 degrees two days in a row, and I've been able to wear boots both days!  You know it's a great day when . . .
Answer that one, friends!


  1. Poor Micah - But killer cast. Unfortunately, I'm sure it's not his last!

  2. Oh Jen, thank you. I have already had one friend get a lump checked and she has also had a mstectomy. The horrible journey seems more worthwhile when I know that because of my experience I have helped someone else. My friend's lump was caught earlier than mine and she needs radiation, I'm yet to have that decision made so it may be ahead of me too.

    My journey has been a lot harder than most as I ended up in an isolation room at hospital for five days due to no white blood cells necessary to fight infection and I was getting sick. Saw the oncologist yesterday and have worked out a plan to stop that happening again.

    It's incredible how an experience like this focusses you on the important things in life and also gives you a passion to inform others so they can avoid this experience themselves.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Yep - gotta get those mammograms. A few minutes of squish is worth saving a life, or at the least, your peace of mind! Kudos to Micah for keeping a sense of humor through the greatest of indignities.

  4. You know it's a great day don't have to visit the emergency room even once.

  5. funky cast, i love the blue!! what makes a great day? just got my mammo results in today's mail - all clean!

  6. Nice call on the arm! Welcome to the smoosh club. I had my first smooshing a couple of months ago :) You know it's a great day when all the babes are under 1 roof... at least for 2 days!

  7. We get smooshed every year in BC - and the province sends a nice little reminder when it's time.
    You know it's a great day when you can see blue sky through the fog.

  8. Getting smooshed is on my list. But I do it every year any way. Had two lumps removed and two needle aspirations so I stay on top of it.

    Isn't this nice weather just wonderful!!~Ames

  9. mothers instinct...its usually right!

    Glad its not too hot for that cast!

  10. I'm always glad when that yearly mammo is over!

    And thanks for the reminder that we need to be vigilant about getting them done. Hope your friend weathers her final treatments well...Thankfully, all of my friends with breast cancer have survived, and I am grateful for the improved care that makes breast cancer a battle most women win.


  11. Great reminder for my forgetful brain! Thanks, Jen!
    Poor Micah. He keeps you on your toes, hunh?

  12. Good for you. I've been getting my anual smoosh for a few years now. Not so much fun, but important.

  13. I believe smoosh is to tame of a word for what they do to the melons!! Who knew they could be THAT flat!! I usually think of those big trucks they use to flatten out the asphalt on the road more than a smoosh.

    Forgot to tell you Pat Wick had a double mastectomy a couple of weeks ago and will find out her treatment options next week.

  14. Well, at least Micah seems to be cool with the cast and all especially given how he had one 2 years ago on his leg! And It's good to see that he's getting over his poo humiliation by joking about it :)

    Mammograms are indeed important! So are Pap Smears too!

  15. Oh no! Darn! I was hoping it was just a sprain or a strain!

    I like Micah's sense of humor, though.

    See if you can get the digital mammo. Lots less painful. And do you know the chocolate/caffeine thing that helps them be a little less uncomfortable?

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