Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Mom of Boys

There is nothing like being the mom of boys.  Especially my boys.  God did not give me easy-going, relaxed boys.  He gave me high-energy, short-attention-span, loud-as-airplane-engine boys.

They are FUNNY.  They are SMART. They love to have fun and learn anything and everything.  They love to read and pretend.  And they say the funniest things.

I was walking down the hall a few days ago, and I cornered Hyrum.
"I love you so much I could just EAT you!"
"That would be gross.  I would just taste like blood and meat.  Yuck."
This is about as much as we see of Ben lately--Sunday. 

He's busy with football, work, and a budding social life.  Today he rode his bike 6 miles to school, had 2 1/2 hours of football practice, rode his bike 6 miles home, burst through the door in his football pants and cleats, yelled, "Someone make me a sandwich . . . with MEAT!! I have a basketball game right now!"  He switched uniforms, snagged the ham and havarti sandwich off the counter and we ran out the door to watch him play ball.  I don't know where he gets the energy to do that (probably from meat sandwiches).
Ben has entered a stage I love--where he is much taller than I am, and he occasionally will snag me around the waist and give me a quick hug.  There's something about these big man-cubs that just melts a mother's heart.  If you have little boys, just wait.  There is nothing better.
My favorite part of being mom to so many boys is watching the way they treat their sisters.  I often wish I had my camera to capture the small moments of kindness I see--Ben walking through the store with Evie on his shoulders as she drools on his head and pulls his hair, or watching him play a game with Lily, even though he really doesn't want to.  Hyrum sharing his cup or giving Evie his silky blanket when she cries.  Micah strolling down the sidewalk, gently leading Evie by the hand then giving her a ride around the cul-de-sac in the Jeep.

I wouldn't trade these wild, crazy, loud, smart, kind (did I mention wild and loud?) boys for anything in the world.  Mothering boys is such a gift.


  1. I'll just have to experience virtually through you Jen.

  2. Oh, Jen. . .you described it beautifully! Lydia thinks all the eighth grade girls are her best friends because she sees them at Jake's games. . .its a bit embarassing for him, but he deals with it because she has him wrapped around her finger, its an amazing thing to watch!

  3. Sounds like a wild time at the sanatorium.
    They sound like awesome boys.
    Most likely cuz they have an awesome mama!

  4. As a mother of only boys - and 6 as you know...I couldn't agree more.

  5. I agree, Jen. Being the mother of boys is great, and I do love that stage when they become teens who love to tease their mom and give her the odd hug or drape their arms across her shoulders.

    Actually, mine still do that. And they are 29, 31, and 35 now! See what you have to look forward to?


  6. Perfect description Jen. I loved raising boys too. So much is written about the fun of raising sweet little girls, but there is just something about mothers and sons.

  7. I do love me a bunch of loud boys. I love them as much as I love a bunch of spunky girls. Nothing can beat those big man-hugs from your boys though, can it?

  8. I so loved raising my boys. And watching them with their sisters. And now I get to watch them raise their boys. The blessings just keep coming!

  9. Oh, you've made me weepy for my big boy and his two little fellows, my grandsons.

  10. I would love to have his energy and stamina!

  11. I do so love your boys. And that Ben story made me miss him even more. I wish I had even an OUNCE of the energy that boy possesses! Please oh please teach me how to mother a boy properly so they turn out as good as yours.

  12. No boys here...but I still think I get the man-cub hug thing!!:)
    And kindness to their sisters...now that I get!:)
    have a happy day jen

  13. No boys here either but I would have love having one someday :) It's really hard deciding if we want a boy or a girl next since it's been decided that he/she will be our last. I just wish we could have a few more :)