Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Mom of Girls

Can you tell . . . which daughter just got out of the bath?
One of my most enjoyable moments as the mom of girls who are far apart in age (Heidi is nine years older than Lily and Lily is nine years older than Eve) is watching their relationships develop.
Little Sister always goes through a stage of hero worship.  Evie is currently in that stage--mimicking everything Lily does, asking for Lily all the time, wearing Lily's shoes, whatever.

And Big Sister thinks they have a living, breathing Baby Doll in the house.  Lily is currently in that stage--choosing Evie's clothes, cuddling up with Evie while watching "Say Yes to the Dress" (anyone else love that show as much as Lily?), doing Evie's hair, whatever.

Another of my favorite moments is seeing how Heidi cultivates her relationship with them.  Even though she's far away, she does girl things with them when they're together--pedicures, cooking, whatever, and I know that that bond will continue between Evie and Ellie. 

I love being the mom of girls.

Here's a question for you all:  Ever been to Baltimore?  Brad and I are headed there this weekend, sans kids (Thanks, Grandma Tucker!), and I need the lowdown on all the great places to go and shop and eat and experience! 


  1. What a sweet, sweet photo. I have one girl and she has no sister, but she does have an eight-year-older sister-in-law who loves her, and she returns that love. Your three daughters have something very special!

  2. The only thing I know about Baltimore is that my sister ran a half marathon there YESTERDAY! You are a week late! But have a GREAT time together and let me know if I can do anything to help here.

  3. I loved visiting Annapolis, just outside Baltimore and the area around the Naval Academy.

  4. That picture is adorable!
    I love having 4 daughters!
    I've never been to Baltimore. Have a great time!

  5. I was the only girl in a family of boys--I always missed (and still do) having a sister. So it's been so much fun watching my 2 girls with each other. Even though Goldie is less than 18 mo older than her sister, she still holds and cuddles her--just like she were 18 years older...

  6. Never been to Baltimore, but I hope you have a great time!

    And that picture is priceless.


  7. Go to Georgetown Cupcakes. I wasn't really sure I wanted to wait in line for cupcakes worth the wait!!

    D.C. Temple great experience.

    Beautiful place. Also, the crab cakes are so yummy!

  8. My poor daughter doesn't have a sister. I am it. I grew up with 6 sisters and so I feel bad that she will miss out on that.
    But your daughters sound like they have a sweet relationship. That's great.
    Love the picture, btw.

  9. The National Aquarium is a must. And while you're there at the Inner Harbor, eating at Phillips is a must, too. The whole Inner Harbor is filled with shops and eateries, along with old ships. You're only an hour from DC too.

  10. i hope you frame that and put it on the wall somewhere:)

  11. Makes me wish I had sisters, or that I'd had a sister for Katie. So sweet.
    Never been to Baltimore but you know who used to live there is Natalie/Snarky Belle. Are you friends with her on Facebook? She could tell you a lot about it I'm sure!

  12. I second the National Aquarium in the inner harbor. Fair warning, it costs an arm and leg but its totally worth it, and you can probably find discounts online ahead of time. The inner harbor in general is fun, lots of shops to peruse. Definitely eat some crab while you're there, steamed or cakes, both are delicious! Above all, have a wonderful weekend away!

  13. Adore that picture!! Sisters are the best. Have fun on your trip.

  14. I really wish I had sisters! Oh well...
    Have fun in Baltimore! Eat crabcakes, go to the aquarium, and DO NOT visit the Edgar Allen Poe house-it's in a terrible neighborhood.

  15. Now this post I can TOTALLy get!!!
    Love the love between my babies!
    have a happy day

  16. This is such a sweet photo of Lily and Evie :) I have only E and she has no siblings (yet) so I'm really hoping that when we do have a second one, they will have a great relationship just like how your kids do. I know that my sister and I have an amazing one :)