Monday, November 28, 2011

A Brief Recap

Nine sticks of butter
Six loads of dishes

Fourteen distended bellies
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!  We have company until Tuesday afternoon, so the party's still going.  Bowling, Jumpstreet, lights, shopping.


  1. 9 sticks of butter.....that is hilarious.

    Sounds like some fun times in the Sanatorium.

    Enjoy the shopping and lights.

  2. Only nine sticks of butter? You slacker!

  3. the makes me shudder every time i think of holidays ...haha

    happy late thanksgiving friend!

  4. Hi Jen, was wondering if you hit the Black friday sales like last year - we don't have Thanksgiving in New Zealand so I don't have any chance to get major deals for the kids here. Hope you aren't too tired once your guests leave. C

  5. those placecards on the tiny sugar pumpkins are pure genius - love 'em!! and i love the little turkey with his named tailfeathers - is there more to his story??

  6. i LOVE the little pumpkins with name tags. LOVE!!!!!

  7. Love it - 9 sticks of butter! Butter is what Thanksgiving is all about right!! :-D

    Your kids table is so cute - looks like they are having a bunch of fun!

    Enjoy your shopping!

    P.S. I remember your Black Friday post from last year - Did you brave Wal-mart and pepper spray this year?

  8. I loved your pumpkins and place cards. I wanted to make my little pumpkins place cards too but things got out of control and ... no time. Sounds like you're still having fun!

  9. I love the kids' table - every Thanksgiving celebration seems to have one.

  10. Happy {late} Thanksgiving to you jen!!
    Your place settings are adorable.
    Hope the party is still rolling along!:)
    have a happy day

  11. A great way to show us your Thanksgiving. Love it!

  12. Last year I ran out of butter, and the stores were out, too. I had my kids running from house to house, begging the neighbors.

    This year, we got TONS of butter.