Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Pinterest and Facebook will have to wait.  I was BUSY today.

Pottery Barn had a wall of silver trays in one of their fall catalogs (that I have since misplaced--that won't happen ever again once I get my Pinterest working, right?) that looked similar to this:
image from this blog

It was a little different, but you get the idea.

Y'all know how much I love myself an auction, right?  I've mentioned that before?  Well, you can get silver-plated trays at almost every auction--a lot of 3-6 trays, with other random stuff, will go for between $5 and $15.  I bid on these lots whenever I see them, and if I don't get that lot, I adopt the auction-lover's mantra, "There will always be another one."

I've been accumulating trays for a few months now--I was even given a few because people knew I was gathering them.  I decided that today was the day to assemble my wall.  I had allocated the day to surfing Pinterest as I mentioned yesterday, but . . . it'll still be there tomorrow, right?

It took a few hours to polish all 24 of them, and I thought that would be the hard part.  I was wrong.  I have the hardest time laying stuff out to hang on the wall.  Anyone else have this problem?  So I stole a hint from my bestie, Karen, and her daughter, Brenn.  I measured the wall, then I transferred those measurements to my entry floor with blue tape.  I marked off the space where my menu board and thermostat are, then I began spacing the trays.
Roxy was not amused, as you can see.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to remember the spacing once some of the trays were on the wall and the others were still on the floor, so I went to the top of the stairs and snapped a picture:
Then I downloaded the picture onto the computer for easy reference.  I referred to that picture at least a dozen times.  So glad I did that.

After about two hours of guessing, measuring, hammering, and climbing up and down the ladder, this is what I had:
I wish I could get a better picture, but this is the wall between my kitchen and the back door, and the photo space and light are quite limited.

Here are shots from either angle.

Heading to the door . . .
 . . . and heading into the kitchen.
I love the different shades of silver and varying layers of patina on each tray.  The square tray on the bottom left is from a thrift store in Baltimore (ah, Baltimore!).  The rest are auction finds or gifts from friends.

I mentioned my thermostat, didn't I?  Where could it be? Well, I just happened to read this post on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia TODAY, and she gave a great hint on hiding it.  I turned the bowl second from the bottom on the right upside down, and it's a perfect cover.  Brad thinks it may interfere with the thermostat's job--which is to measure the temperature of the air.  Like that matters?  It's easily removed if there's trouble--hoping not.

Best of all, most of the trays are hung with plate hangers, so when I want to use them (like maybe for the wedding at my house on Friday?), I can just lift them down, remove the hanger, then rehang when done.  Three are hung with hooks since they are footed or too deep for a hanger.  A few others are hung with Command strips (LOVE THESE!).  If they need to be used, then I'll just re-stick them.

This is my favorite plate on the wall, hanging on the right just above the menu board . . .
. . . an original, solid bronze building marker from an American Legion hall, undated but stamped "made in Nashua, NH."  The most expensive piece on the wall, it set me back a grand total of $12.50. 

Start to finish today--took about 3 1/2 hours, not including all the polish time.  Worth every minute, and I think Brad will be happy that my purchases of random lots of silver-plated stuff are ending.

Okay, what's the next project?  Can't wait . . . And I'll be totally happy to let you pin my project on one of your design boards. ;)

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  1. if only i could be so creative... my house is a bore! when you get through with yours can you come over and help a girl out?!?!?!?!

  2. Wow - very impressive Jen. Maybe one day I might get round to putting something on my walls other than family photos! I have a space where I can see something like this working - had no clue before. Oh Pottery Barn - how I miss it and we have nothing close, esp. down south in Dunedin. C

  3. I like this. It looks very impressive. I'm not sure I'd like to have to keep them all polished though :)

  4. That is such a take on a theme! I love it! Mind, you will have to make a note to polish them!

  5. I love it Jen! What a perfect thing to do with that wall! I am a sucker for trays and platers in any shape or form!

  6. WOW! this project is absolutely amazing, what results!! i'm so impressed!! you've barely started on pinterest and yet already a pinterest sensei - incredible!

  7. This is an absolutely stunning idea, laying them all out on the floor and taking a photo was inspired!
    The wall looks amazing, I've never seen anything like it before.
    Happy AT.

  8. Ooo, I love this idea! What a great way to decorate AND store your nice silver trays! I love ideas that allow for multiple uses :)

  9. If you ever come to Kansas, can you stop by my house! :)
    You are sooo creative.

  10. I already pinned this idea :) Love the way you layed it out first. Karen is so smart!

  11. you have been busy
    but the outcome is stunning
    and i love the expression
    on the dog's face :D

  12. I love it! On my best wall I have a $5 garage sale painting (which I actually love), a mirror and an ugly wooden piece of art (crap) that my husband got from his grandfather. Wish I had some decorating skillz!

  13. That is such a neat look, Jen. I LOVE the wall.


  14. I really love your wall! What wonderfully beautiful pieces you found. How great is it that you can take them down and use them.

  15. what an original idea thank you so much for sharing

  16. Wait. You are having a wedding at your house on Friday and you still had time to polish and hang all those platters? Do you never sleep?

  17. I think it looks great! It is amazing what beauty you can create for fairly normal things.
    Love it!

  18. You are brilliant!
    I see stuff like that and I see "stuff".
    You have a creatively beautiful mind.

  19. how fun it turned out! :) you're an absolute genius. and so brave. i see things i like all the time, but then i'm too chicken to try them, thinking that i'll find a way to screw it all up! ha. ::hugs::

  20. Seriously brilliant. You are so precise in your decorating and it really pays off.

  21. I feel so cool for inspiring you with my Ken-ness! :D The wall looks awesome!!

  22. That looks great!
    You had a wedding at your house today? You are - simply - amazing.

  23. Great job! I love that you saw an idea, collected for a while and then COMPLETED it!!! I have a hard time with that 3rd step... great at the 1st two steps, LOL :)
    Awesome "Busy B" post!

  24. great idea to lay them out on the floor. Good thing you can climb upstairs for a preview! Love the finished project. Looks great.

    I missed the posting deadline for Alphabe-Thursday this week...feel free to stop by, tho... :)

  25. Oh I love it. You really need to come here and help me with the rooms. Also, the pic of Roxy is hilarious.

  26. Hello.
    WoW! You have patience & creativity.
    Nice photos.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate your comment.

    Seasons Of Beauty

  27. This wall looks fabulous! Well done!

  28. Looks wonderful!! Love the 3 dimensionality it adds to that flat wall. Great tip to download your photo to the computer for reference. Visiting from TT. :)

  29. This is wonderful. Absolutely cool!

    I love how you did this and your clever idea for laying it out.

    I can't even imagine polishing 24 of these babies!

    Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful wall with us for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "B".


  30. It's me your absentee loser friend...who feels like a hamster on a treadmill. I LOVE this!!! Cracked up, because 10 min. ago I was thinking I wanted to put some around my kitchen...and then I thought I'd visit my fav blogs, and bam, here's your awesome wall. Wow. Love it! Miss you!!

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