Monday, November 21, 2011

Just in Case You Were Wondering . . .

. . . this was the score at the start of the third quarter.
And we were Visitor!  Heritage won the state championships Friday night! 
From the initial kickoff to Kingman
. . . where #5 caused a fumble, recovered by his teammate . . .
 . . . to all the patient waiting on the sidelines watching the action . . .
. . . it was an unbelievable game.
I must admit that I was among the doubters. 
I mean, after all, Kingman had beaten our team 36-14 just two weeks ago.
But these boys believed--in themselves . . .
. . . and trusted their coaches. I love Coach L (in the blue). He teaches with concern and strength, never belittling, but always pulling the best out of his players. Football coaches like that are a rare breed.
There was much to celebrate after the awards ceremony.  Ben and McKay were all smiles.
And there was no one more exhausted than Evie . . .
 . . . Ben still had energy to pull a few faces and go to a party afterwards . . .
. . . Mom couldn't have been prouder.  Final score--Heritage Heroes 60, Kingman Tigers 37.
I love this boy.

Anyone have a little Queen melody running through their head?

"We are the champions!"

Here's a little video of the second fumble he caused.  We've started calling him "Digger" (heard at the end of the video), because he just knocks that ball out when he tackles, then digs it up off the ground!


  1. State Champions! Wow! Congrats to Ben and his team! Sounds like he has a winner of a coach! Awesome picture of you and Ben! And I know this is lame...but I really want to say that I like the navy red and white football uniforms! :)

  2. Sounds like that was maybe the best Friday night in about ever. Yay Ben!!

  3. Love it! Jeff and I watched the video Brad posted on FB, way to go Ben! What a fun experience. You look so cute in the jersey :)

  4. How exciting. Congratulations to Ben and you, happy proud Mom.

  5. You are so right about the coach thing. . .After 4 years without a win, our coach resigned this fall. . .Im holding my breathe on the replacement because even though they never won. . .He made a believer out of my son!

    Way to go Ben. . .The smiles say it all!

  6. woohooo congrats
    such proud momma...

    (ps. love the photo with evie....glad to know there are others just like us)

  7. SUPA-congrats! what a fabulous final score. those heroes were heroes indeed! :) sounds like it was a good game, and close enough to stay entertaining. ::hugs::

  8. Congratulations!! That is such a HUGE deal!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    (I am actually tearing up - I'm such a sap but I know how cool this is for your boy and for you as a mom!).

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving with your bunch!!!

  9. Look at the smiles on the faces of those boys!

    And on the two of your faces.

    Don't you love these moments???


  10. Woohoo!!!!
    Way to go. He looks like one happy boy! Evie.....not so much.
    Very cute.

  11. holy cow, jen, STATE champs?! how incredible, congratulations! their smiles really do say it all, they're just radiating!! but my favorite pic of all is with evie screaming her head off in the background - makes me chuckle it's so cute ;-)

  12. Holy poo, that is a HIGH scoring game, sheesh! Absolutely LOVE the pic of Ben and McKay, so darn cute! Yay for them and their state championship.

  13. Congrats! It's hard when the season goes an extra month of practices and hard work!

  14. evie takes the cake. favorite picture EVER.

  15. How exciting!! GREAT pictures.

  16. That's awesome! It must've been one heck of a game to watch (though Evie probably disagrees). Heritage totally owned the game :) Congrats to Ben and his team!