Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza, Part One

Last year I participated in the 2010 Year in Review Extravaganza, and I'm so glad these lovely ladies are hosting a 2011 event this year, too. I loved rereading all my posts from the first quarter of the year, and here are my favorites:


2011 began with me setting my word for the year, and setting goals of how to achieve it.

I had a perfect day with Hyrum I never want to forget, and vented about teaching my children consequences for their actions.

I also hosted a linky party focusing on what is beautiful about each of us.  That picture was my profile pic for most of the year.


Micah didn't make the school talent show, a story that still breaks my heart, and the next day a friend from high school lost her three-year-old son in a tragic farming accident, reminding me to hold my little ones closer every day.

Tucker opened his mission call to the New York New York City South Spanish mission, one of the two biggest events of 2011.

And Hyrum swindled two free cotton candy treats out of the vending machine at the mall.  He made sure he checked the machine twice while we were there yesterday, just to make sure it had been a fluke the first time!

Petunia and I took a little spill and I learned a new word--scaphoid.

February ended with a memorable last--nursing my last baby for the last time.  This post ranks in my top five for the year.  I'm so glad I took the time to write this down.


DIY week at the Sanatorium started off March--the infamous carriage wheel, the steamer trunk turned accessory case, the Craigslist chandelier, and

Evie's chair.  This week may have set off my big obsession for the year--finding and redoing treasures, much to Brad's annoyance.

I wrote about parenting grown children, hosted a deep discussion on whether or not it would be nice to know the future, and vented a little about the difficulties of parenting hard kids.

Brad kept the kids in Utah so I could have a dreamy three days to myself--this memory brings a sigh of happiness to my lips.

And I went out on a limb with a hairdo--because it always grows back. I've kept some version of this style the rest of the year--in fact, I have an appointment with Debbie this afternoon!

The end of March brought a crazy day that made me stop and reflect on what is truly important and remember my balance goals for the year.  I needed to reread this post.  I probably should print it out and frame it in my bathroom to remind me of what really matters in a day.

Enjoy your weekend, folks.  Sixteen days until Christmas, so get your shopping done! (and Happy Birthday to my sis, Karen.  Love you and see you in a few weeks!)

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  1. i can't believe the year is almost over...seems like yesterday i was reading about all of those....and yes...we just celebrated Lily's broken arm a yr ago dec 4th...glad we didn't have a repeat (bite my tongue)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the very first one - great shot!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the 3-year-old killed in the farming accident. We live out in the country and hear stories like these more often than I realized could happen. It's so sad, but I'm like you. They make me want to hold my baby closer!

  3. When you take a moment to go back through the year the oddest things come up. As I read your Part One I remembered each of those posts and thought about how glad I am that I found your posts in Greater Blogdom.

  4. I really liked taking this little walk with you. Your life has a lot of good scenery along the way...

    I feel a bit guilty for not supporting Em and linking up, but the idea of going through all my posts for the year and picking the best ones is way less than appealing. Maybe I'll get up a head of steam and do it on Monday.


  5. Love these recaps! So glad you are playing along again. I forgot about your word for the year- that is such a great idea. And that chair and all of your redos are so awesome.

    Thanks again and I have your first point recorded :)

  6. girly-YO! sorry has been a ton of time since i was able to comment regularly. no matter though, please know that even if i haven't commented, i've still tried to read through whenever i've had the opportunity. :) have missed blogging in 2011 the way i've been used to blogging in the years past. hopefully i'm able to regain control enough to return to blogging as i love in the upcoming year. crazy to realize that already a year has flown by as quickly as it has. what a genius way to celebrate everything this year HAS blessed your life with, through your 2011 review posts. i love them! keep 'em coming. :)

    p.s. i need to get your address for i've got a Christmas card with your name on it that's itchin' to get in the mail! ::hugs::

  7. I love those kind of posts, where you can look back and be so grateful you recorded the memory and how you felt at that moment. That's truly the essence of blogging isn't it?

  8. I loved looking at all the pictures! I'll do that next week.

    Oh no. A 3 year old and a farming accident? I can't read that post. it will have me bawling my eyes out and I just put on my makeup. That breaks my heart.

    Happy Birthday to your sister! She shares a birthday with my Emma who turns 2 today!

    PS. I loved your hair! Very cute!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Wonderful photos and I truly enjoyed reading through several of your posts. Your words on being beautiful really resonated with me. I think it can be so hard to look past what the world deems as beautiful.

    I also have an Evie. :)

  10. Well hello old friend!!! Some of those posts I recognized and some I did not. It was great to come and see you again. :)

  11. ahhhh!!!! the cotton candy story!!!!!! i love that i remembered so many of the things you reviewed, but especially the cotton candy story:)

  12. wow, i can't believe it's recap time again ... i remember all of these like they were yesterday - especially that special one @ nursing evie for the last time - sheesh, time is moving fast!

  13. Love the recap...I remember all these posts. I remember thinking how proud Hyrum looked holding his cotton candy that he scored from the machine! And, Evie sure has grown hasn't she?!

  14. I love that picture of Hyrum!!! I'm going to miss you guys this Christmas!

  15. How fun to read about your months. What a blast you have had.

    I love each of the pictures. You capture the feeling so well.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and share it.

  16. What a wonderful start of the year! You have such wonderful pictures.