Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza, Part Three

Part three of the Review Extravaganza--

July was a month of firsts

I became a mechanic--I changed my first flat tire.
I attended the blessing of my first granddaughter.

Micah had his first CAT scan--this was the scariest day of 2011, by far.

And we got our first call from the mission field as Tucker left for NYC.  This photo makes me giddy, because we get to talk to him in TWO DAYS.  We are all looking forward to his call more than presents!

Lily finished teaching me my greatest lesson of 2011 when she threw a reverse dive she knew she couldn't complete, and she still finished second in the competition.  I will never forget this.  Ever.  And Ben faced his own demon--trypanophobia.

 Lily and the gum wall in Seattle--one of my favorite photos of the year.

At Girls' Camp, I was reminded that you just never know when you make a difference in someone's life.
 I shared my favorite back-to-school tradition, and then it was time for school, already?

Summer 2011 taught me a few things--enjoy my crazy kids, putter with the lights down low, read the classics (we are currently close to finishing The Silver Chair), and most importantly--it doesn't matter if everything on your list gets checked off.

August ended with FOOTBALL and too many kids in my tub!

Brubakers came for a week, and we all feasted on the baby.

Before they came, I updated the guest room: shadow boxes, my grandma's friendship quilt, and those cursed but gorgeous curtains.

I recapped my first few months as a missionary's mom, and I wasted the best light ever but harvested some great photography tips--thanks!

Lily left a trail of hearts for Ben--a rare day that I wanted to remember.

My last post in September was an answer to a question I'd been pondering for a while--why I blog.  I'm just me, the head administrator here at the Sanatorium, and I'm satisfied with that.

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Happy Christmas Adam to you all!
What?  You don't celebrate Christmas Adam?  Why, Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve!


  1. I remember those days when the main event of Christmas Day was getting to talk to our missionary. And we would talk forever...even when Ryan was in the Philippines...We just didn't care how much it cost!

    Enjoy talking to your boy, Jen!


  2. No I have NO idea what Christmas Adam is.
    It's been fun reading through your extravaganza.
    Your life is full.

    Have fun with that missionary phone call. I remember so well.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    I didn't know MsBrubaker got into the program! Yippee!
    They don't typically have students in the ER but I'll keep my eye open for her. Maybe I can beg her instructor to let me take her down and "entertain" her for the day.

  3. Your link to the CAT scan takes you to the blessing day post. Enjoy the missionary call. I remember being excited when my brothers would call- so I can only imagine how much more excited my mom was. My dad mostly grumbled about the cost- he is sentimental like that :)

    Thanks for linking up again, I have your point recorded.

  4. What a year! I feel quite privileged to have shared it through your blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love this! I just might join in. Also, if you're ever in Seattle again let me know..I'll drive up for lunch!

  6. Christmas Adam - Good one! Ha

    Hope you and everybody at the Sanitorium has a wonderful Christmas!!

    Enjoy that phone call :-D

  7. I loved the post about your daughter making her dive. What an amazing attitude and spirit she has!

    Enjoy talking to your missionary! Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh, I meant to say trying her dive, not making it. I loved that she still did her best and came in 2nd!

  9. We fed the missionaries last night and they said they get to do Skype! Do you get to do this too!? I hope so. What a wonderful gift.

    I love the heart attack! What a sweet girl.

  10. What a summer! I didn't remember that you has a granddaughter. Congrats!

  11. New to your blog from the linkup - what a summer, and what a beautiful family you have! Love the gum wall picture - I'm wondering why all of it is so colorful (our chewed-up gum always turns out grey!) That is a great photo. (-:

  12. What a lovely 3 months! That sure is a scary story about the CT Scan - even as a mom and nurse, I would have been freaked out by that behavior.

  13. the pic with your kids all in one bed makes me want my kids to share rooms. and beds for that matter. and have lots of kids. the gum wall grosses me out. and i always love the diving pics. the end.