Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at the Sanatorium

It's a good thing Grandma and Grandpa Tucker were here for Christmas. The Sanatorium felt a little empty without the Brubakers and Elder Denton.

Christmas Eve in their new jammies and slippers:

And just before Santa hit the hay:
Micah got a skateboard, Hyrum a bike, Evie a cradle, Ben a razor, and Lily a new chair for her room (the cool channel-back one behind Hyrum's bike.  She hates it.)

As for me?  I got the three things I really wanted--lightroom and an iPad.  Now I just need a few minutes to learn to use them both.

The highlight of the day was spending 45 minutes on the phone with Tucker.  It was joyful to hear him teasing all of his siblings (Heidi conferenced in), laughing and joking the way he always does.  Missions are hard.  His has been harder than most, I'm afraid, and it hurts my heart to hear what he's enduring.  Hopefully it will turn around in January.

My sister's family of six is here from ID, Grandma and Grandpa are going home today . . .  and my HOUSE IS A WRECK!  It's crazy fun around here--Catan, scum, hearts, scrabble, computer games, movies . . . Hope you're enjoying your break.

And yes, Christmas is all down, labeled and organized, and packed away in the "holiday cheer" closet.  Lucky for me my mom and sister were here to help.


  1. i love both of these photos - especially the one just before bedtime with everything all set up just so! such a wonderful holiday, but i'm with you - already packed up and ready to move on ;-)

  2. You said three things but only mentioned two- what is the third? You should google "Matt's killer Lightroom tips" he has links and downloads for almost every free Lightroom preset that is out there. Plus he blogs about tips and advice for Lightroom.

    Glad you had a great Christmas. I hope things get easier for your son.

  3. Catan - played here too, and once by me, in a deviation from my normal 'I'll sit nearby and read' choice.
    Christmas is still up here, and will remain so until January 6th, and then be packed away for another year.

  4. I was so late in getting Christmas up around our house, I feel like we might need to wait until February to take it down. I hear about people who dismantle Christmas the next day... I might have to try it... but not this year.
    Enjoy your next few days.

  5. Glad you had a good Christmas and Fun to have family from Idaho visit!
    It is hard when you don't have them all home. We trade off so I had them all home this year but will not next year. It is weird to get used to. But glad you had a great talk with your missionary!

  6. Love that Christmas Eve photo, cute PJ material! Kiefer got a razor from Santa too, must be in the air! :) Don't know that he was thrilled with it, but I am happy he's finally willing to shave regularly, it was killing me.

    I'm was wondering the same thing as Emmy- three or two?

    Have fun with your family, and give Quinn a squeeze from me if you see him!

  7. Just to clarify: my best gift was talking to my missionary!

  8. Sounds like we need a lightroom party!!

  9. do your sister and mom travel to other houses to help take Christmas down???

    I love the chair. . .aren't girls a challenge to buy for? Seriously, Leslie would have no qualms telling me she hated something like that.

    Praying for Tucker!

  10. Sounds like awesomeness!
    So cool that you were able to hear Tucker. You don't learn anything on the easy maybe he's getting wiser and wiser.

    Lightroom...............I need to go figure out what that is.

  11. Enjoy your family time. Also your iPad. FUN! Happy Holidays! xo

  12. Missionary calls home were my favorite gift! Best calls ever! Hope your missionary's life gets a little easier. You're right--missions are hard. So glad you had family to share your holiday with!

  13. Talking to my missionary was always the best thing of the day! Hope things improve for him soon. Although he's probably growing by leaps and bounds in the current situation.

    Hugs to all of you!


  14. I can't believe Lily doesn't like that chair. I knew I should have stolen it! Crazy girl.