Tuesday, December 20, 2011

. . . It Was Just One of Those Days . . .

I got an email from a lady in Tucker's mission, saying he had choreographed and done this number with the other missionaries at their ward's Christmas party. I spent HOURS trying to get the embed code from youtube.  All I got was random videos, some in Russian, some Chinese, and always Steve Jobs' commencement address.  Not my Tucker.  So, instead of viewing it here on my blog or on his blog, you'll have to click on the above link.  T is in the back right--not bad for a few hours' practice and choreography on the fly.

Then . . .
We invited four families over to make gingerbread houses.  I bought kits at Sam's Club weeks ago (I'm so prepared like that :) ), so I pulled them out of the secret hideaway, evaluated what was in the kits, then headed to the store to get a few more sugary adornments. When I returned, one of the kits was mysteriously missing most of its gingerbread pieces.  That, my friends, is why you don't have a tall dog.  I don't think I've ever yelled at Roxy like that . . .

So I drove the 20 minutes back to Sam's Club, grabbed one more kit, then drove home so Lily and I could begin assembly.  First, one side tipped and fell as I was reaching for the frosting, shattering into pieces.  Second, another side simply broke in my hands--five required houses, now two missing pieces.  Quick call to Brad, and he made the 20-minute trek out, grabbed a SEVENTH kit and returned home just in time for dinner and a quick straightening of the house.

We always tell the best and worst of our day over dinner.  No one had a best that day--except Hyrum, who gratefully acknowledged that I hadn't yelled at him.  Lily had a misunderstanding/fight with a friend.  Ben had literally bombed his Math final.  Brad had lost a rental house he was trying to buy due to some random bank decision. I had the youtube fight and the cookie incidents.  Micah's precious paper bag of school trinkets had disappeared in the chaos of cleaning the house.

The night did get better.  Didn't they turn out great?  I think everyone had fun . . .
. . . and a sugar coma always makes everything feel better, right?  At least it helps keep the Grinch at bay.

Five more days . . .


  1. How fun to decorate gingerbread houses with friends. They totally turned out great! This is something I have yet to tackle - Sam's club or not.

    Glad the day got better and I bet those friends of yours had a blast and a fun evening!!

    Happy Tuesday my friend!

  2. Can you imagine the start to the day that the little video was for me? So uplifting and so encouraging. In this rapidly-changing world it is so good to know that there are young men who know how to have fun, worship God and are ready to take their places as leaders. Wow!

  3. I love the decorating of the ginger bread houses, but the assembly. I don't know if I can go through it again. I am seriously considering using a glue gun. The kids can still eat the candy off of them? A blog gave me the idea.

  4. We're going to use the hot glue gun this year...since no one here ever eats the house anyway. Your houses all turned GREAT! Geez...now I'm not even going to show you ours!

  5. These young men are such a blessing in our lives, Jen. I was in tears watching it...not so much because of what they were doing in that moment (though it was pretty great!) but because of who they are. Watching this video reminded me of who they all are...and that, of course, reminded me of my own sons...and I felt and feel so grateful for the gospel in my life and theirs.

    And you thought you were just putting up a fun link.

    Thanks so much. You made my day.


  6. Love this - sounds so like my kind of day. We don't have a dog but we do have a cat who, if left alone, could definitely take out a few gingerbread houses! Have a great holiday.

  7. well, on the bright side, those houses are GORGEOUS!! but i fully acknowledge that THAT was a rough day ... yikes, 2 extra trips to Sam's?! I cringe for you ...

  8. what a pretty & yummy looking gingerbread neighborhood ya'll pulled together! as for the video? hehehehehehe.... AWESOME-SAUCE is all there is TO it! we're huge tobymac fans here on the ranch. that that was icing on the cake. then, for those elders to pull off such amazing choreography? just sayin' this fore dance team member is extremely impressed! i emaile a link to all my old squad friends & my family. :) so rad! ::hugs::

  9. p.s.
    couldn't resist. tossed it on FB too! no lie. this is fantastic! :D

  10. Those are awesome Gingerbread houses!
    Sounds like a little chaos for a minute.

    Yay for a phone call in five more days! I'm excited for you.

    What a fun family you all are to have other families come over to decorate houses....I don't think I have the strength for that.

    Merry Christmas.

  11. Oh my GOSH! That video of Tuck and the Elders has me smiling non stop. It was so good to see that stinker and his dancing. Who knew he was such a little hip hop choreographer, hahahahahaha! Seriously, so fun. And the only other thought going through my head....."Man, Tuckers hair is really long." I sure love that kid.