Monday, December 5, 2011

Views from Around the Sanatorium

When I woke up yesterday morning, this was what I saw out my window:
I can count on one hand how many times I've seen fog in AZ.  What a treat.  Reminded me of all the mornings I would wake up as a girl with hoarfrost covering everything in sight and what a magical land that made.

When I got out of bed, this is what I saw at the foot of the stairs:
Micah was reading Frog and Toad to Hyrum and Evie in this cozy pile of soft things.  It was that kind of day around here.

I love this weather!  Brad, however, is ready to flash his AZ union card and demand better weather.  Hope you're all getting cozy wherever you are and whatever Mother Nature may be throwing your way!


  1. It's so funny the things we take for granted in our own backyard. We have fog often, but I've never thought of it as a treat! And, what cute moment you captured with your camera of your little sweet of Micah to read to his siblings!

  2. it's been raining since friday here...and it's monday and going strong. i have to admit i'm not complaining..i love gray rainy skies....they make me the happiest ...weird huh!!

    love little evie's reaction

  3. What a great pile. Wish I had a makeshift hangout like that. Enjoy your fog. Just pretend it's a whiteout snow storm : )

  4. The fog cheered me up immensely. It felt as friendly as that cushy reading spot your kids made.

  5. I LOVE what you saw at the foot of your stairs.

    Sometimes I wish I could conjure those days up again for just a few hours...


  6. my bread got icicles inside the bread wrapper from the inside of costco to my car. not joking. SO COLD!!!

  7. What a darling and cozy little scene at the bottom of your stairs! Little Evie's face and smile says it all :-D

    You gotta love the fog - Hope you had more hot chocolate! Take advantage while you can.

  8. Hope you were wide awake when you got to the bottom of the stairs. So cute!
    Looks like Evie is totally pleased with herself.

    Fog makes you excited huh?
    Well, we have had sunshine and FREEZING cold weather, but no snow.
    I think I'm ready for snow.

  9. It has been cold and windy here in SoCal- I am so over it!

  10. Hubs longs for fog. He grew up in the Bay Area and so fog was part of his childhood. We don't get that here very often.
    Instead of fog, we got snow. Send your husband here and he will be begging for fog...wink!

  11. LOVING that adorable pile of kiddos and pillows all snuggling at the base of your stairs ... hope you jumped right in!!

  12. I don't think I've ever commented but you are one of my favorite bloggers; I always save yours and read them when I really have time. I LOVE that pile of kids at the bottom of the stairs. And Evie's expression! She is so thrilled!

  13. That is the cutest sight to wake up and find at the foot of the stairs :)

    Hope you guys are having a great December!