Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 2012

Do you say Twenty-Twelve or Two-Thousand-Twelve?  I'm still deciding.

Our company left this morning.  Sigh.  That means the holiday is over.  I have laundry to the sky, cleaning to do, and organizing, organizing, organizing!  There's something about me right now that wants to purge EVERYTHING out of this house--every tchotchke, rug, pillow, book.  Everything.  I'll try to save some things of value . . .

Tomorrow I'm planning to post about my word for the year, and I'll be adding a linky party for those of you who are posting resolutions and words for 2012.

Today I thought I'd share just a few shots of the new year around here. That's a little harder than it sounds, since my brother-in-law, the computer whiz and genius, not only updated all our computers and filing systems, he also installed Lightroom,  which will be awesome when I have a clue how to use it, but for now I can't edit a single picture, use Picasa, or do anything else that is in the realm of familiarity.  Bear with me.

So here is our New Year's Eve, in its unedited glory:

Lots of cards and speed Scrabble (and a little Catan, for good measure)
 More food than should ever be allowed on my kitchen counter
 and fireworks.  Only AZ kids come outside at midnight expecting it to not be cold.  Notice the blankets?
Happy New Year, all.  I'm looking forward to getting back to real life partially tomorrow--then fully on Wednesday, when school starts (did you hear the cheer of joy where you are?)


  1. Happy New Year! Our kids go back to school tomorrow, seems like not nearly long enough for Winter/Christmas break. Can't wait for the linky party-love those!

  2. One day of holiday left here and then it's back to work for me too - it's been fun!

  3. You and I sound like we are in the same boat! The after holiday mess.
    Ok I posted about my new word today but I will still link up tomorrow😃

    Happy Laundry!!!!

  4. You sound like everyone else I've been reading!
    It feels like I've worked the entire holiday so I am just now enjoying the tree and other Christmas decorations!

    Looks like New Years was fun at the Sanatorium.

    I look forward to knowing your word.
    I need to find one.

  5. wow, you guys get one more day? just put 2 very grouchy girls to bed, complaining every step of the way about how they just want one more day ;-) oh well ... happy new year, friend!!

  6. I got everything cleared away yesterday...except for Todd. (heehee)

    He was supposed to leave last night but has a sinus infection so the doc said he couldn't leave till tomorrow. This buys me two more days with him!

    Kinda fun...not that I'm happy he's sick, you understand....


  7. Lightroom has kind of a weird learning curve but is awesome once you get used to it.

  8. BTW, I can now answer this question. I've decided on twenty-twelve, because that's what we did with the 1900s; it's shorter; and it makes more sense!

    JMHO, but there it is...


  9. A happy belated new years to you and your family! Seeing your family gathered together like that makes me miss mine.