Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Monday

It was a long night.
Evie started screaming at 12:30.  Why can't toddlers tell you what's wrong at 12:30 am?
I changed her pants and saw that the diarrhea from late yesterday afternoon hadn't stopped.
I held her in her cute pink chair, trying to calm her down.  Less than one minute later, we were both swimming in throw up.  Luckily, her blanket caught most of it.

It's been a long day.
I've already changed two diapers in 30 minutes.  Who knows if the vomit is done.  I can only hope that the virus stops with her.

At times like this, I am always overwhelmingly grateful for a washing machine--how did pioneers do puke?

And of course, for my inseparable buddy in battling carpet messes . . .
My body clock always resets on Sunday night.  I wake up on Monday morning ready to tackle piles of laundry and many chores.  Not today.  I'm a little worn out from my overnight adventure.

Here's to a diarrhea-free, vomit-free Tuesday . . .


  1. There is nothing worse. Here's hoping the rest of the clan is spared.

  2. Crossing my fingers for you.

    And I really do believe that drinking a tall glass of Welch's grape juice three times a day will stave off the others catching it (and you, too), but you have to start it immediately and not stop it for a few days after Evie is well. (It makes the digestive tract inhospitable to the stomach virus.)

    Worth a try, at least. It has always worked for us.


  3. Oh I feel your pain. . . Three out of the 5 were sick over the weekend. Amen to the washing machines!

    Hang in there!

  4. i think about that all of the time too!!! how did my grandma do puke AND diareeha?! just know that i put your present in the mail this morning, so two happy little trinkets are coming your way:)

  5. One of my top 5 reasons to be thankful I don't have tiny kids? They can all make it to the toilet! I just hate that, good luck! I like Sue's advice, have to remember that next time. My fear would be it wouldn't work & that would really be a mess to clean up! Hope you sleep well tonight!

  6. these kind of nights are truly such low points - i'm so sorry!! can't get over how relatively upbeat you sound - you inspire me b/c I'd be the one weeping on the laundry room floor for sure!

    loving Sue's advice above - adding welch's to my 'emergency preparedness' pantry for sure!!

  7. I've often wonder that very same thing about the Pioneers.
    Poor Evie.

  8. Oh, viruses are the devil! I can remember just throwing baking soda on everything to kill the smell so I could bear to clean it up. I've never heard of Sue's remedy but I'd try it. At least it's delicious!

  9. Oh I hope she is feeling better. Poor thing. Hugs to you. xoxo

  10. Poor baby! I remember the days of being up all night with sick ones - my oldest used to get the croup and I would sit up all night with him to help him breath - not so much the stomach viruses, though - thankfully! Good thing these viruses run their course quickly - hope the rest of the crew is fine so you can get some sleep!

  11. Oh not fun :(. Hope everyone is better quickly!