Monday, February 6, 2012

THE Commercial

This commercial struck a chord deep within me:

A little seductive for my usual taste, but this was THE commercial for me.  Why?

Because I REMEMBER the moment I saw a Fiat 500--October 2008, Malaga, Spain.  I couldn't get enough of that baby car. 

When we got home, I remember looking all over the internet, and discovering that they were not for sale in the US, and wouldn't be for a number of years.

Now is the time.

Unfortunately, I don't think they come with seating for seven.

Can't you just see me behind the wheel?  
Or is the blue more my color?

Fiat 500 Lounge.


It will never happen.

But I refuse to stop dreaming.


  1. I CAN see you in that car, but it is hazy future. You will drive the egg when your nest is empty.

  2. heehee

    I like the red. With that car, you need to go BIG.


  3. Yes! That commercial was a little hot for my little boys who were watching. Yikes! But super cute car. Totally you!

  4. Well Jen - we must have similar taste as I love the Fiat Bambina as it's called here in NZ. It looks very similar to the one in the commercial. Like you I will have to wait as there would not be enough room for my four kids.

    Onto other news I am now through all my treatment and am trying to get my head around the term 'survivor'. I am still of the patient mindset so will give it time. I am slowly growing hair - it seems to be coming in straight instead of the waves I used to have but at this stage I'll just take hair thank you.

    Catherine in NZ

  5. Hey maybe it can be your midlife crisis car someday!! :-D

  6. I made my 11 year old look away on that one. Heh. Personally I loved the Dorito commercial where the baby stole the chips from the tree house. Great!
    That car would look great on you!

  7. I love love lOVE that car, too, jenny ... woot woot! as ferris beuller said in his own car commercial last night ... you have excellent taste in automobiles ;-)

  8. Very cute! There will come a day when you'll need a little-toy-car because you'll be zipping around on errands when your last wee one is in school.

  9. I loved the car we had in Spain too! I would pay for a small diesel car that had power to spare and got fab gas mileage!!