Friday, March 30, 2012

Foto Friday--Party Time

Hyrum's fifth birthday party--the pictures speak for themselves.

  I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to take his picture. . .
 . . . until I suggested he shake a few presents and guess what was inside.
 Of course Evie had to get in a few pictures--she was the only one who liked to wear the birthday hat.
 We played a few games, and I would recommend this game again and again.  I tied two donut gems to a string, suspended them from the tree and told the kids there was only one rule and one goal.  Rule:  no hands.  Goal:  eat the donuts.
 This kept them laughing and occupied for almost 15 minutes.
 And got them covered in powdered sugar as well.
 After ten minutes to trying and laughing, we used hands to finish them off.
  He asked for a cake with marshmallows and every color frosting.  Not my best work, but he liked it.
 And of course, what is an AZ birthday without a pinata?
 One round with blindfolds and one without, then Lily's friend smashed "Godzilla" to bits.
 The one thing Hyrum really wanted for his birthday he got--a magnifying glass. So now he searches for bugs and magnifies everything whenever he gets the chance.

When I tucked him into bed that night, he said, "My birthday was like Caillou said, the best day ever!"

I'm so glad.  You're only five once.

Happy weekend, friends.  I'm going to spend it nestled in with my family watching General Conference.  It's one of my favorite weekends of the year.


  1. I wonder how long it will take Hyrum to learn that he can use his magnifying glass to start fires (if he doesn't already know how).

  2. Magnifying glasses are so empowering. First they give a feeling of omniscience in the ability to see more clearly and then bestow the power to destroy what you have just discovered with a white laser ray.

  3. What a wonderful birthday! You're right - you're only five once and it's a great day when you reach that wonderful age. I love your donut game - I think I'll do that when the kids visit. What fun! Happy Birthday to Hyrum!

  4. Happy birthday, Hyrum! Looks like tonsa fun. And I love a good magnifying glass, too.


  5. Hearing that makes it all worth while. That day you were the mommiest!

  6. LOVE the donut idea! How cute are they!

  7. Happy Birthday!
    The donut game is hilarious. Who wouldn't love that?

  8. The party looks like it was a huge success.. The kids look like they were having a blast and I LOVE LOVE the doughnut game! Im so glad Hyrum had a great day.. By the way, I love Hyrums name :)

  9. Looks like Hyrum enjoyed and appreciated his birthday party!! I love your donut pictures!

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