Friday, March 23, 2012

Foto Friday--Silver in the Mouth

Hyrum had two dental adventures this week.

On Monday he got two root canals and two silver crowns.  A little nitrous oxide took the edge off.
 We were in such a rush to get there that he grabbed these shoes.
 As long as he had his silky, he was shockingly still and obedient--for fifty minutes they ground on him and pushed and pulled.
 I couldn't believe it was Hyrum in the chair.  That's how good he was.

We finished up the adventure yesterday--one more root canal, one more silver crown, one tooth pulled and one spacer installed.  It took almost ninety minutes this time, and by the end, he was a little whiny and sick of it.  Neither the dentist nor I could blame him for his discomfort.

 Plus, he got to bring the tooth home in this cool necklace box, which he promptly misplaced when he got home.
He pleaded his case with the tooth fairy:

"The dentist pulled my tooth.  But I lost it.  Please don't be mad at me.

I told him that the tooth fairy might pay better for dentist-pulled teeth than mom-pulled teeth.

I was right!

Now, I hope to NEVER have that adventure EVER again!

Enjoy your first spring weekend!


  1. Hyrum is one very brave boy!
    It takes alot of patience and courage to lie so still that the dentist can fix those darn cavity-bugs!
    I hope the Tooth Fairy rewards Hyrum extra good! Way to BE, Hyrum!

  2. What a trooper!!!

    I'm sure isn't wasn't easy on mom either!!

    Btw, the photos of Ben playing rugby are wonderfful!

  3. Oh man, that stinks! But way to go Hyrum! Poor mom, too...

  4. Oh, I could see the tears in his eyes in the first picture! Poor Hyrum - but you must have been so proud of BRAVE Hyrum! One huge obstacle conquered, and he has some great stories to tell. I've always found the tooth fairy to be very understanding and generous, myself.

  5. Poor little dude! He did a good job though. :)

    Love you guys!

  6. Wow! He had a lot done! I hope he doesn't have to go through this again. It looks painful.

  7. Wow! I am not a fan of the dentist. Hyrum is my hero.
    I usually cry.
    And that's before I even get in the chair.

  8. Holy Moly! TWO root canals?! I've had one and man alive they are no fun. Poor kiddo. You can see his big eyes getting a litte moist in that photo, so he must have really been brave, or looped up pretty well. Maybe a little of both.

  9. Oh, how AWFUL! Having just had two appointments to take care of one root canal, I can sympathize with the poor kid.

    I hope the tooth fairy was generous.

  10. Pin a medal on that boy - or at the least make him the STAR of the weekend at your house. I'll bet his biggest brother would be very proud of him!

  11. Wow. Eldest had two cavities at age 5. It just about killed me. She wasn't so keen on it either. Thank goodness it's all over now. Don't you love it when they rise to the occasion? He's a hero in my books.

  12. Poor baby, but what a good boy!!.. It must have been so hard for you to have to sit an watch him go through this but thankfully it's over now :)

  13. What a champ. I had one root canal once and that was more than enough.

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