Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ready or Not . . .

I've got these pretty princesses and practical flowers . . .
. . . and this has been washed and placed in a convenient location.
I've even stocked up on juice boxes, Smarties and fruit snacks for a treasure chest.

Now if only I could enlist the help of my assistant.
She's feisty, she's stubborn, she can remove her own diaper . . . 
. . . and she's fast.

Wish me luck.  It's going to be a long week.


  1. You never know....she may suprise you! Love those last two pics! Good luck this week!

  2. Don't forget the box of books near the potty. I've created life long readers in the loo : )

  3. Oh are much braver then me!! Aubrey is showing no interest so I'm going with that!! No interest in all that sounds good to me about now!!:) haha
    those last 2 shots are priceless. And I LOVE Dana's comment
    have a happy day jen

  4. Good luck. . .it should get easier with each one, huh?.

  5. Good luck with this project! My oldest resisted all efforts until the day I bought the giant sized 90 diaper case lot. That was it - dry the next day and I had to get rid of all those diapers.

  6. just think you'll blink and this is behind (PUN INTENDED) you...

    I ADORE those thick Gerber pants...ALL of my kids had them! they are the greatest. i was a bit sad to see that by the time i had lily they only went to 3t....i mean really? what if ur kid is thick and needs bigger? shesh! haha

  7. We got a gumball machine and quickly removed all the gum. We replaced the gum with skittles and got a roll of pennies. 1 penny for pee and 2 pennies for poop. The older kids got the pennies too if they encouraged the one being trained. It worked really well!! Good luck!

  8. Good luck! I expect you are an old pro at this by now. Hopefully your tactics will outrun hers.


  9. ooo, potty training. Good luck! We are still working on E but then again, we're not trying very hard since she shows no interest...